What Is Mór?

Get To Know Us

Who We Are

The Mór Card is the members-only platform packed with discounts, exclusives, bundles and limited editions from independent brands. We work with the pinnacle in premium retail and curate our top picks into one, user-friendly storefront.

Mór was launched in 2021 as the first venture from Loytech – specialists in Loyalty and Technology. Our founders have over two decades of experience working in premium lifestyle and discretionary spend sectors.

As an e-commerce platform, we help companies track new types of customers, maintain their margin and grow. We never rest on our laurels, and actively seek the best possible way to showcase our partners to a high-value audience.

What We Do

Our interests lie in curating the world’s biggest and best brands onto one platform with a focus on user experience. We’re all about experiences, we’re laser-focused on premium, and we’re obsessed with quality.

We are not just another discount service. We do not just provide the “cheap seats” at a discounted rate, the off-season products or the dinner reservations at unsociable hours. We provide full, luxury experiences at times, dates and locations that our customers want to consume them.

To our partners, we offer a unique marketing avenue with an attentive audience comprised of retail customers and corporate clients. We provide a closed marketplace with engaged customers that are interested in quality. Not only do we provide access to exclusive customers, but we also offer extensive marketing services and technical support to ensure your offering is unique and controlled by you.

Why We Do It

We want The Mór Card to be the first place you go to when buying a treat for yourself or for others. Finding discounts online is easy, but gaining access to exclusive deals and curated experiences is something unique to Mór.

We come from your world. We share both our partners’ and customers’ discerning taste and desire for quality. Mór is the platform that we would want to use, with the brands we would want to purchase from.