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Our Badges

Shop consciously, make a difference, buy from brands that support what you support. And put your values at the heart every time.

Because it matters

There are a number of core beliefs that run through everything we do at Mór: sustainability, equality, diversity and accessibility.

It really matters to us.

And we know it matters to you too.

That’s why we work with our brands to highlight, to you, what they stand for. It’s about who they are, what they do, and how they work. We do it because we think everyone should shop consciously.

We use badges to do this. And we think you’ll love them.

Shop Conscious

How we award our Badges

Every product and experience we showcase at Mór is hand-picked and individually curated by our team. We do this by working with our vendors (the brands we feature) on a one-to-one basis.

When we first talk to potential vendors, the first thing we focus on is whether or not they are right for us - by being right for you. We discuss which Badges apply to each vendor and we do our own checks to make sure we’re happy to ‘rubber stamp’ that Badge.

Some of our vendors are super focused on one cause or belief, so may only have a couple of Badges. Others operate more widely and have several. The luxury of choice then becomes all yours...

Is there a Badge we're missing?