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Gin Collection Bundle by Eden Mill

11 premium gins from one of the fastest growing and well-renowned distilleries in Scotland. £240 £285 (Save £45)

The Experience

Eden Mill is on a mission to lead the way for sustainability within the drinks industry in Scotland. Presenting 11 innovative gins in their brand new bespoke glass bottle, which has been created and made in the UK and uses 18% less glass than an industry-standard glass bottle.

The 11 gins include:

Original Gin

Unique tart berry flavour balanced with citrus elements drawn from the other botanicals, such as lemon balm and citrus peel.

Golf Gin

Juniper dominates with light heather and lavender floral notes, while the spruce and coriander provide a distinct peppery finish.

Red Snapper Gin

This gin has an almost savoury character, coupled with a gentle spice and overall light sweetness.

Forager Gin

Very rich and juicy, focussing on tart red berry notes with a lingering raspberry/blackberry character.

Love Gin

This pioneering pink gin is sweet, flavourful and floral.

Rosa Rosa Gin

Rose petal and rosehip: aromatic and candied with a light spice.

Serendipity Gin

Sweet and rooty in aroma, with a very fresh and aromatic candied character.

Forbidden Gin

Super juicy, sweet and very refreshing! Very fruity and almost clean on the nose, with fresh apple, pear and quince notes.

Golden Lore Gin

Tangerine and cranberry: this gin is orange in appearance, and has a very citrus and berry-sweet profile.

Neptune Gin

This is a coastal-inspired gin with a focus on a light salinity with a fresh, herbal profile (such as samphire). Distilled with Scottish seaweed in order to give a hint of brininess along with a gentle smoky/seashore character.

Passion Gin

Full of flavour with passion fruit and apricot dominating, subtle notes of toasted coconut.

Allow us to introduce you to... Eden Mill

Scottish craft brewing based in St Andrews. Eden Mill was Scotland's first single site brewery and distillery, and has been creating award-winning gins since the Mill's resurrection in 2012. 

Benefitting from locally sourced water, regional barley and a multi-cultural and dynamic team, Eden Mill gins are hand-crafted and gorgeous every time. 

Why we love Eden Mill

We are lovers of gin and of sustainable packaging - so when Eden Mill updated their range to position their brand at the forefront of sustainable materials, it meant positives all round. 

This bundle encompasses all that we love about Eden Mill: quality gins presented in a wide variety of options. No matter how fussy your guests are, they'll find something they love here. This makes this the perfect drink trolley filler. 

The expert distilling team has carefully created this Heritage and Premium Gin range by combining locally sourced botanicals with inspiration and influences from across the world, in a series of quality expressions to appeal to every palette. With each gin telling its own unique story, you are invited to join Eden Mill in their next chapter.