60% Of Adults Don’t Have a Will in Place: Find Out How to Get Started With Easy Wills and Estate Planning

60% of the adult population do not have a will in place and worrying 99% don’t have Powers Of Attorney.

Often this is due to a lack of education, cost, and support. That's why The Mór Card has teamed up with Easy Wills and Estate Planning to get some crucial answers about the importance of wills.

Read on to find out more and benefit from free will writing and discounted legal services when you become a Mór member

Why do we need wills and estate planning?

A will is at the heart of any estate planning and with us, it is a simple, powerful and free document to create. With a will, you can stipulate who will inherit your assets and if you have children, it allows you to nominate a guardian for them and arrange for an adult to manage any assets they inherit.

Is there a lack of education around wills?

60% of the adult population don’t have wills and a worryingly 99% don’t even have Powers Of Attorney in place, but we can’t be too hard on people as no one did Estate Planning O or GCSE levels. Most people only find out the hard way after a loved one has passed or become incapacitated, and they have to deal with the fallout. With our system, it provides education around each product and service and the consequences of not having these in place

How vital is it that we educate society on the importance of wills and estate planning?

It’s absolutely critical, otherwise, the consequences of not having these in place can be extremely costly and time-consuming at a time in their lives that is very emotional.

As of 2020, there were nearly 8000 unclaimed estates meaning the Treasury had £1.8billion worth of money, properties, and family heirlooms currently sitting in the Government's pockets.

Why is Easy Wills and Estate Planning such an important employee benefit for businesses to utilise?

Because this is an online platform offering 100% free wills, it is easy and quick to use, with no need for a trip to see a solicitor. It gives peace of mind that the estate goes where it is desired without the Treasury getting involved. Plus we can then start the process of truly educating employees on the correct solution based on their individual needs.

Do you feel people are putting off wills and estate planning because of the cost-of-living crisis?

Without question, this has had an impact as most estate planners request the full amount of the products and services upfront.

We are totally unique, in that we offer flexible payment plans from £1 per day. This means that everyone can have the correct solution with a payment plan that they can afford and they choose.

How do Easy Wills and Estate Planning create simple, personalised, and cost-effective solutions?

After completing the free will offer, our clients then can complete an online review that only takes a few minutes but gives them a Free Bespoke Report ( this would cost £250 if a solicitor produced it ), and then we have a conversation with the employee, and as employees, we can massively discount these additional services too, making us the most competitive in the industry.


This guest blog was written in collaboration with Easy Wills and Estate Planning.

Benefit from free will writing and discounted legal services when you become a Mór member

60% Of Adults Don’t Have a Will in Place: Find Out  How to Get Started With Easy Wills and Estate Planning