Discover the Best of British Brands: Three Top Reasons to Shop Local

At The Mór Card, shopping consciously also means shopping locally. Since the beginning, we have been passionate about helping you discover independent businesses, local to your area, with ethical values. That’s why we created our badges.

Today, we’re focusing on our “Made in Britain” badge. Here, we'll explore why we think it’s so important to champion the best of British produce and try to shop locally wherever we can.

So, firstly – what are the benefits of buying from Britain-based brands?

  1. The importance of sustainability

One of our primary values here at Mór is sustainability. We care about our vendors' production processes, where they source their materials and the ethics and values behind their brand. Because of this, encouraging people to shop more locally is important to us.

Decreasing the mileage travelled for anything you purchase is one great step towards leading a greener life. It’s one way to slash any emissions relating to your purchase. By switching to British based brands that produce their products locally, you’ll ensure that each purchase has a much shorter journey to get to you.

At Mór, we don’t only champion local businesses, but we encourage supply chain transparency. With many of our Britain-based vendors, you’ll be able to follow the journey of every purchase, from the point it is made until it is delivered to your door.

  1. Supporting local economies

As well as the all-important green initiatives, another great thing about trying to shop local is that you’ll be supporting local economies. According to one study, 48% of the money spent at local businesses goes straight back into the local economy. This is compared to only 14% spent at chain retailers.

On top of the direct money flow going back into the economy, independent British businesses also help to create jobs in local communities. Some studies also show that independent businesses employ more people per unit of sales compared to chain businesses.

  1. Focusing on fresh produce 

A final big bonus of shopping at local British businesses is the fact that goods won’t have travelled far to get to you. This ensures that they’re still fresh and high-quality.

This, of course, is particularly important for food and drink produce. It’s always preferable to opt for high-quality food from independent businesses – especially those who are transparent about their supply chain.


Here at Mór, we have a wide array of independent businesses based right here in Britain. Explore the full range in our Made in Britain collection and find some fantastic local alternatives to big brands.


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