What Matters to Your Business?

Gone are the days of business success being solely based around financial figures. Business owners and senior leadership teams are waking up to the notion that there’s more to a successful company than just the bottom line. 

A company’s standing in the marketplace and the yield it can have in attracting new talent are pinnacle to a business’ ongoing success. Offering a higher salary than the competition will no longer cut it.

Staff engagement levels are now one of the most important factors that HR departments and leaders will monitor and assess. With this in mind, it’s important for a business to source what matters to them and to their people.

People are more likely to feel engaged and motivated in a business that not only claims to share their values, but also works to prove it. A business’ values should be at the cornerstone of the decisions they make. The same goes when choosing your company rewards.

Your most engaged staff will be the ones that buy into the company ethos. Once you know there’s a shared connection of values between your people and your business, you can look to offer benefits and rewards that reflect these shared pillars. 

For many businesses, their mission statement will now include a focus on sustainability. This is a key issue for a huge number of the workforce, and a business that opts to offer sustainable and eco-conscious rewards will gain buy-in from people that share that goal. 

Other businesses may have a steer towards mental health and creating the best possible working environment for their employees. It may be offering resources and services, having speakers and professionals come to the office, or even providing the tools to find access to therapy outside of the working world.

Physical health and wellbeing can be another important factor for a lot of people. With a greater focus on work-life balance and issues arising outside of the office, offering access to health and nutrition support, gyms, fertility, menopause and other benefits of this nature can really make you stand out.

The choice of rewards doesn’t need to be based on values; rather it can be based on how you like to reward. A lot of businesses prefer small tokens of appreciation as opposed to the usual discounts and perks that go unused.

However you intend to reward, the important thing is to remember what your business stands for. Offering something out of character, or a benefit that won’t suit your people, is unlikely to make any improvements or make people feel rewarded.

Focus on what makes your business unique and find a provider that matches that.

The Mór Card is an employee rewards provider that offers perks and discounts to a wide array of independent, sustainable and ethical brands from around the country. We also specialise in offering support, resources and deals on a wide array of additional benefits, such as mental health, menopause, sustainability, fertility, health and more. 

Explore our platform to find out more, or book in a call to discuss how we can assist your business.

What Matters to Your Business?