Mór Update: New Faces, New Roles

We have come a long way in the short space of time that Mór has been on the market. We are immensely proud of the team we have put together here, and we are excited to announce that team is now growing substantially. 

This February we have welcomed a raft of new faces to the Mór team who will be representing the company across various business areas. Five new faces will be joining the team, as well as some very exciting changes in our existing roster... 

New Faces

This exciting announcement of new faces in the team beckons in a next wave for the business. As we look to grow both our existing vendors and our partnering corporate clients, we are growing the team accordingly to help us reach these milestone goals. Our partnering businesses will be saying hello to some fresh new faces in the business development side.

We are very excited to welcome our first Business Development Managers into the team. Firstly, Sean Anderton joins us from an ex-military background, with a successful career in sales across automotive, payment and leisure industries. Stuart Bell has a similarly varied yet accomplished career in sales, with over 20 years in industries such as publishing, leisure and direct sales. And finally, we are excited to welcome Melanie Selcraig, who comes with a proven record of business development across established names such as Heineken, DFS, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and many more. 

These are exciting additions to the team who we hope will carry some of the success they have each achieved in their previous careers into Mór with them. 

On the Product side of the business, we are also welcoming a couple of new faces to the team. Scott Durbin arrives from South Chicago as Content Designer, with experience across design, social media and content marketing. His studies first took him to Edinburgh, where he won best in show at the Master of Arts exhibition for his sustainable bath piece which still stands on display now. And Delilah Kealy-Roberts joins us in a Content Writer role having previously worked as a copywriter in both in-house and freelance roles. She has recently completed her Masters degree in Multimedia Journalism from Groningen University in the Netherlands.   

A warm welcome to all newcomers to the team!

New Roles

In additional exciting news, we also have some movers from within the existing team. Our own Caitlin Whyte will be moving up to the position of Associate Director, looking to capitalise on the success she has already found by bringing on new partners and vendors alike. 

Caitlin's new responsibilities will also include championing brand success and culture, helping to embed future new starters within the business and amplifying our name across the employee reward and welfare space. 

In Caitlin's words: "Working for Mór is the first time i have been part of building a business in growth. Having worked extensively throughout the retail estate while in decline, it is so refreshing to be part of growing a brand, especially since i have been with Mór since day one. Being a small and agile team, we are able to collaborate, pivot and grow - every member of our team has had a visible impact on our business, we share ideas, challenges and opportunities no matter your role within the company."

Why Join Mór? 

This is an exciting next chapter for our business as we grow internal head count, which hopefully resonates with our continued growth and aspirations on the market. 

With five new people joining the team, our Co-CEO Urchana explains why Mór is a promising option in the current climate: "I think people are interested in working for a new and meaningful business. Our people get involved in all facets of the business from day one, so there's no hierarchy or inter-departmental issues. We're all one team, pulling in the same direction." 

She adds: "We're also really focused on flexibility and work-life balance, not just in the experiences we offer but also for our team. This is why we offer a four-day working week and three day weekend, allowing our team to come back refreshed after a hard week of growing our business." 

Caitlin echoed this sentiment, adding: "For me having the flexibility and work life balance is fantastic, not just for me but my team too. We truly are just as productive working four intense shifts and then having 3-days to decompress. It allows us to ensure we have enough time for commitments we have outside of work, whether that is spending time with their children, completing university work, or in my case utilising my weekends to attend music festivals throughout summer."

Reflecting on how far the business has come, Urchana added:"I’m extremely proud of what we have built, and more so how quickly we’ve done it, especially during such strange times. In less than a year, we’ve created a fantastic proposition, and that is testament to our talented team who hit the ground running from day one."

While many businesses are struggling in the current climate, we certainly don't take for granted how exciting this growth is and how prosperous we are to be in this position. 

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