What is 'ESG & CSR'?

Introducing ESG & CSR  

Mór’s corporate offering is expanding. In keeping with the interests and expectations of our corporate audience, we are now adding a new collection of resources, discounts and more. This new collection will be focusing on ESG and CSR.  

Read on for everything you need to know about our new ESG & CSR category.  

What is ESG and CSR? 

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. These are non-financial factors that a rapidly increasing number of businesses are taking on board in order to improve their reputation, global impact and growth opportunities.  

This all contributes to a business’ CSR – their Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR encompasses the actions that a business may take to achieve economic, environmental and social expectations set out by stakeholders, customers and investors.  

SMEs and larger businesses are paying more attention to these factors in order to improve their funding opportunities and the way they are viewed among competitors.  

The ESG & CSR Collection 

With The Mór Card, we are constantly trying to provide our users and partners with unique experiences they won’t find elsewhere. In doing this, we represent many brands that represent various positive causes aligned with our own. Whether they are led by underrepresented groups in society, vegan and animal friendly, environmentally sustainable, or completely independent.  

It is within our interest to partner with the brands that we see as being forward-thinking, relevant and offering the best products and services on the market. Given the interest in corporate responsibility shown by so many of our partners, it makes sense for us to provide unique resources and discounts from the best in this space.  

This will be a growing field, with new and exciting partners introduced regularly. One of our initial partnerships which we are extremely excited about is with The Verdancy Group: an enterprise offering sustainability training and environmental guidance to individuals and businesses hoping to reduce their environmental impact.   

Co-founder and Director of The Verdancy Group, Steven Kiakowsky, tells us: “We started with a clear ambition, to create a journey, a programme that would be personal, whilst taking further a number of clear objectives in relation to Net Zero and Just Transition.”  

They work with businesses during a consultation period, and then create “a package that is easy to access and deliver in the form of bite size modules that staff and students can utilise in many different ways.”  

This exciting partnership is announced alongside discounts from Hiyacar, a contactless car sharing platform, and Octopus Electric Vehicles, one of the largest-growing sustainable transport hiring services in the country.  

We have also partnered with Ecologi and Time4Trees to provide more traditional carbon-offsetting options for our members. Both offer subscription services and opportunities to offset your carbon footprint by helping plant more trees across the globe.  

We are excited about the growth opportunities in this area and the new positive-impact brands we can introduce our partners to.  

Why is it Important?  

There are multiple reasons to improve your business CSR. The main reason for doing so may come from a moral standpoint and a belief that you do better, but the positive outcomes can affect your entire business.  

Firstly, businesses that improve their environmental impact and working practices are more likely to retain valued employees. Add in that the majority of the current workforce is made up of Millennials, and that they strongly prefer to work for businesses that have a positive CSR policy, it can also be beneficial in helping you attract exciting new talent to your business.  

In addition, customers have been proven more likely to purchase from businesses that they know are actively pursuing making a positive impact.  

Finally, investors are increasingly taking note of the CSR policies of a business prior to investing. According to the Financial Times Advisor, "Over the last 20 years we have seen CSR become fully integrated into business strategy – covering how business relates to the environment and society more broadly."  

Such increasing demands and pressures to improve corporate responsibility mean that now is the perfect time to take action.  




The Mór Card provides a range of positive-impact experiences and discounts for businesses and their employees. Our aim is to reinvigorate the stale world of corporate benefits by providing access to resources that people actually want and need.  

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What is 'ESG & CSR'?