Not Your Usual Perks Provider

It’s no secret that perks and discounts are a popular part of any employee rewards package. People love a freebie, and when that comes as standard simply for doing your job, it’s made all the sweeter.  

The Mór Card has a huge array of discounted luxury and independent experiences that are only available to our members and our corporate rewards partners. It’s a fundamental part of our offering, and a part that we are incredibly proud of. Our team works hard to ensure that what we offer is constantly evolving and growing, meaning that it is never stale and boring.  

How We Differ 

A fundamental part of the evolution of our platform is ensuring that we offer things that excite us. When you examine the corporate benefits market and providers at the moment, you find that their perks and discounts sections often have the same usual suspects. While we don’t deny that people will be drawn to big-name businesses and high street brands, we also believe that our users want something more.  

Across the board our collections are always hand-picked and curated by our discerning team. With a wealth of experience in the retail industry across various specialisms, they are experienced in sourcing new and exciting names that offer something just a little bit different. Our aim is for each Mór Card member to be able to log on and find a brand they might not have found on their own, and hopefully turn them onto their next must-have.  

Why Do We Do What We Do?   

It’s a simple question, with multiple answers. If you are familiar with us as a business, you’ll understand that we work hard to represent small, independent businesses from unique voices. Each experience is tagged for our users to better understand that business’ values and ethos, and even what the management and owner structure looks like.  

This is for good reason. Various studies conducted have shown that there is a stark upward trend in people caring about where they buy from. This is why we are always interested in guiding our users to not only the best businesses on the market, but also the ones that suit their ethos and values.  

The Mór Partner Blog Independent Business Stat


Whether as a result of the pandemic, or a growing distrust of large-scale vendors, people are more interested in shopping independently. An example of this came from a Mastercard survey in 2020 which showed that 74% of people were more likely to shop locally than they were a year ago.  

The Mór Partner Blog Female Founded Business Stat

Female Founded Business 

UENI study found that, of the over 30,000 businesses surveyed, only 17% were founded by women. When you compare this with the fact that female led businesses contribute £105bn GVA to the UK economy (a 40% increase since 2012, according to FSB), then it shows that these are businesses worth supporting.  

While we show no bias in the businesses we bring on, we know that many people will actively look to support businesses founded by unique voices in the industry. Which leads us on to…  

The Mór Partner Blog People of Colour Owned Business Stat

POC Owned Businesses 

According to Survey Monkey, 3 in 4 people say they ‘always or sometimes’ shop from brands that are owned by women or people of colour. This same study found that over half of these people would be willing to pay more at these businesses.  

Stats like these interest us; not because we expect people to pay more, but because it shows a willingness from people to enact positive change. Small adaptations to the way we shop can make a big difference in levelling the playing field and supporting under-represented people.  

The Mór Partner Blog Environmentally Friendly Business Stat


According to a GreenPrint report, 78% of people are more likely to purchase something that is clearly labelled as environmentally friendly. And again, in a separate GWI report, 60% of surveyed people said they would pay more for products that are eco-friendly.  

Again the stats show that people are not dissuaded by higher prices when it comes to making purchases that represent their own personal values. This is why we want to help people find new voices in areas that matter to them.  

The Mór Partner Blog Experiences Stat


For us, it all boils down to quality. All the brands we feature create experiences for their customers that are extraordinary. And, according to GWI, over 6 in 10 regular luxury buyers would rather purchase an experience than a product.   

We understand this mentality, and it is why we display a wide range of items other than traditional products. We also believe that products can themselves be experiences: something bespoke, unique, tailored and memory-creating can also feel experiential for customers.  




We do what we do to service our customers. While we don’t expect everyone to shop with their heart and their values, some do – and we want to cater to everyone. Our hope is that, no matter what your agenda when browsing, you’ll be able to find multiple brands that represent you with Mór.  

If you are interested in becoming a Mór member, you can sign up for an annual membership today. Additionally, you can add us to your employee benefits suite or notify your HR team that you are interested via our Corporate Membership information page. 

Not Your Usual Perks Provider