Wool and Cashmere Knitted Scarf by INGMARSON

Ethically sourced and sustainability made using traceable yarns of Cashmere and Wool. £60 £75 (Save £15)

The Experience

Get ready for the winter season with Ingmarson's ethically sourced and sustainably made Knitwear. Ingmarson is known for its charming embroidered motifs, and fuss-free, pared-back designs.

Inspired by a love of Scandinavian fashion, using different aesthetics and quirky details. Their designs are perfect for any fashion lover who wants to make a statement this winter, in a sustainable & artistic way. Ingmarson's scarfs are made from 90% wool and 10% cashmere, for a super soft feel.

Allow us to introduce you to... INGMARSON

Born of an idea from Swedish designer Robert Ingemarsson, this is a truly guilt-free experience. The business was built as an answer to the high pollution rates of the fashion industry, something which caused Robert to fall out of love with it as a whole.

Fast forward five years to 2017, and Robert found himself sketching ideas in a friend's kitchen and reminding himself why he fell in love with fashion in the first place. Created from hand drawn ideas, stitched together to create affordable sustainability in the fashion space. 

Why we love INGMARSON

We love autumnal and winter fashion and nothing symbolises the seasons more than a gorgeous scarf.

Beautiful unisex designs and a gorgeous feel separate INGMARSON from the competition. Choose from a wide range of styles, colours and designs to find the one that suits you. 

While we love the scarves themselves, it's how they are made that really speaks to us. Conscious, sustainable and always looking to minimise waste. All waste yarn is recycled back into the knitting process, with the additional waste yarn being upcycled into use for attaching swing tags. Every process of the lifecycle has been considered to create an innovative, lean and green production