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Wine Club Membership by Wanderlust Wine

Platinum membership to Wanderlust Wines, allowing receipt of 10 premium bottles of sustainable wine every two months. £1,200 £1,800 (Save £600)

The Experience

Annual Platinum subscription to Wanderlust’s Wine Club, which includes a selection of 10 premium bottles of sustainably-made wine from small producers, delivered to your doorstep every two months. 

This experience also comes with a special one-on-one tasting and consultation with the Club’s Director and Wine Concierge exclusive only to Mór Card members. This includes tasting tips, cellar and storage management and advice on wine investment. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Wanderlust Wines

Wanderlust Wine was set up to showcase independent and sustainable wine producers. New wines, new regions and new styles delivered straight to their members. 

Wanderlust source directly from the winemakers themselves to ensure fairness and integrity. They believe in connecting users directly to the wines, not standing in the way. It is all about understanding the stories, goals and reasons for making the wine - and then ensuring a fair price is paid for it. 

Why we love Wanderlust Wines

As lovers of fine wine, this experience speaks to us on a number of levels. 

This experience is more than just delicious wine delivered to your door. It's a chance for members to get a private consultation tailored to their needs, with a tasting tutorial, cellar management tips and even wine investment advice. 

We also love supporting those that share our ethos. We are all about amplifying independent brands and voices, providing a platform for those that deserve it and allowing our members to experience new and unique experiences. This is exactly what Wanderlust do for the wine world.