Wardrobe Consultancy Experiences by Alison Style

Wardrobe consultancy from a fashion expert, designed to provide a boost to your current wardrobe and style. £300 £320 (Save £20)

The Experience

Wardrobe Consultancy

Putting the Personal in personal stylist. This experience is designed to provide an expert boost to your existing wardrobe. 

Alison provide virtual wardrobe consultancy and, using her years' of experience, detox your wardrobe and outfit build with existing pieces. 

Together, you will then identify 5 items for gap filling which will elevate the entire wardrobe. 


Bringing the Shops To You

This one is the full package. It involves meeting Alison virtually to conduct a consultation, before Alison then coming to your house in-person to conduct the wardrobe review and detox phase.  She will bring suitcases of clothing to allow you to experiment with outfit builds and fill any identified gaps as you go.

After the session, Alison will then create a Personal Style Guide detailing everything that has been discuss and uncovered, outfitting your entire wardrobe into multi-ways to wear head to toe outfits, and ideas and inspiration for going forward 

Allow us to introduce you to... Alison.Style

Alison McDougal, founder of Alison.Style, offers both in-person and online personal styling packages to work from within a client’s wardrobe; identifying your style, refreshing your look and unleashing your true potential through the power of clothing.

With a background in Textiles and Fashion Design, Alison uses her intricate knowledge of traditional fabric construction and garment design to play with drape, texture, cut and fit to build unique looks to suit anyone.

Working with the addition of some new items and styling ideas, Alison aims to elevate the confidence of each client she works with as she removes the stress associated with outfit building.

Why we love Alison.Style

In addition to Alison's years of experience and capability, we love this experience as it is truly unique to you and your style. Too often personal stylists are eager to restart and ditch what you have already accrued. This is a chance to make the most of what you have and maximise your existing pieces. 

Having a friendly face inspiring you to achieve your best possible style makes a noticeable difference.