Voucher Spend with Olfactive O

Voucher spend options on gorgeously crafted unisex perfumes. £140 £160 (Save £20)

The Experience

Choose from a voucher spend across the entire Olfactive O perfumerie, or partake in the scent discovery experience. Divine unisex fragrances that are suited to your personality. 

Voucher Spend

Choose from a £160 or a £380 voucher to spend across the entire Olfactive O original online perfumerie. Discovery scents and a  creatively concocted collection of scents make the Olfactive O range a unique addition to your scent collection. 

Perfect for those looking to discover something new and find an unrivalled scent that acts as an accompaniment to their unique personality. 


Allow us to introduce you to... Olfactive O

Olfactive O is an interesting brand that believes that scents should be uniquely personal to the wearer. Founded by Olivia, creative director of the brand and a scent expert, she works in partnership with an anonymous perfume expert who creates the unique Olfactive O scents. 

Born of a frustration with the large-scale commercialisation of the industry, Olfactive O is a brand that seeks simplicity and straight-talking in the world. 

Olfactive O combine scents sourced directly from nature and synthetic molecules such as muscone, civetone and iso-e-super, used for their unique ability to adapt and morph with the natural scent of the wearer to smell unique over time. 


Why we love Olfactive O

Featured in Style, Grazia, Stylist and more, Olfactive O has burst onto the scene in the two years since the business inception. A small team led by mavericks of the industry, their stripped back and honest approach to creating scents and matching them to customers have breathed new life into the scent game. 

Olfactive O features a smaller, curated collection of original scents that are simply labelled, named and packaged. By including both natural and synthetic ingredients, they can manipulate the scents and bring the best out of them. They believe the word 'synthetic' is misunderstood: not only do synthetic scents highlight the natural ingredients and recreate the smell of natural flowers, they allso help create the smell of those that can't be distilled, such as Lillies. 

As well as a voucher across their entire collection, you can find a one-of-a-kind experience with Olivia where you can tailor your own scent to match your personality. Combine ingredients within your existing knowledge or sample new fragrances to find something that screams 'you'. Treat yourself or invite a friend or loved one to enjoy the experience with you.