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Virtual Cocktail Making Experience by Zest Mixology

12 - 24
A unique and fun way to spend a night with family, friends or even as a team-building day. £548.20 £648 (Save £99)

The Experience

Zest Mixology has created a series of brand new and exclusive online cocktail entertainment shows, delivering a cocktail or mocktail box to all guests' home addresses in advance. Each show has a different theme, different drinks and a whole different 'location' from The Alps, Around the World or from the set of a game show.

Global Mixology Tour

Get ready for a globe-trotter journey like no other. Guests will check-in and be taken to the Zest Airlines Business Lounge by your pilot for an introduction before being jetted off digitally to 4 iconic world destinations. With each location, guests will meet with a local Mixology Host and shake up a bespoke cocktail or mocktail with friends and colleagues to win airline rewards points. You'll then 'fly' back to the Business Lounge for the pilot to award prizes! 

Apres Ski Lodge

Perfect for getting into the winter spirit, snowbound guests will meet their Ski Host on the mountain overlooking the Alpine Village for an introduction before making their way through the bustling Alpine Party Lodge's 4 different bars. At each bar, guests will meet a mixology host who will teach them how to make bespoke drinks while competing against other guests to win vouchers. To round off the night, guests will meet back for a wrap-up and the drinks vouchers will be awarded. 

Gameshow Gold

A vibrant, fun and engaging way to create a little bit of fun competition between friends & colleagues. Learning how to make cocktails or mocktails in unison whilst playing games based on popular hit TV shows like Cocktail Catchphrase and Cocktail Truth & Lies. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Zest Mixology

With over 20 years of experience in the drinks and cocktail industry, founder Murdo MacLeod created Zest Mixology with the inspiration of creating truly unique cocktail concepts and experiences that will add a wow factor to your events.

Zest Mixology prepares everything you need to make those delicious cocktails from home, with no fuss and no need to leave the house.

Why we love Zest Mixology

Zest Mixology gives the perfect environment to enjoy a cocktail night with loved ones from home. Over the last 18 months, we have all become accustomed to Zoom and online parties and events - none more so than Zest Mixology, who have created this fun and entertaining way to share the fun across various geographical locations. 

Whether it's a group of friends wanting to enjoy some delicious drinks with a bit of competition mixed in for good measure or as a distinctly quirky team-building exercise, Zest Mixology is the ideal experienced host for creating a different way to host your game night when you can't be together in the same room. 

Whether it's because you're taking safety precautions, can't be in the same location due to travel or simply want to enjoy a different Friday night with loved ones, Zest Mixology offers a perfect platform for cocktail fun.