25% Discount on UK Planted Trees by Time4Trees

Help the environment and offset your carbon by planting trees in the South East of England. 
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The Experience

Donate individually or as a business to help provide trees for a new forest in the South East of England with this 25% discount across the entire Time4Trees offering. 

Time4Trees plant your trees in high-emission zones and in land that will be occupied and locked for forestry purposes for a minimum of 100 years. All planted trees are fully maintained until self-sufficient (approx. 5-10 years), and any failing trees will be replaced at no additional cost. 

This experience incorporates the cost of a 60-140cm cell-grown tree being planted, including the stakes, individual tree guards, fencing and land value. It also includes individual GPS tracking and annual drone footage of the site. 

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Allow us to introduce you to... Time4Trees

The aim of Time4Trees is to give everyone the chance to make a difference, whether it be large or small, by using local trees to help solve an ongoing global problem. By creating new forests and environmental biodiversity in areas where this would otherwise not exist, Time4Trees can help provide a solution.

The Time4Trees mission is to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2025, specifically in high-emission zones within the UK. They aim to offset the maximum potential of carbon emissions and allow individuals, small businesses and corporate companies to take responsibility and do their bit to help combat climate change. 

Why we love Time4Trees

When Time4Trees create your forest, they do so with native tress specially selected to restore pieces of damaged high carbon land to beautiful, natural woodland. This not only helps to combat climate change, but also allows the UK to preserve and restore our native species, providing a safe haven for local wildlife. You can rest assured that your tree is not being grown for the sole purpose of a profit further down the line. 

Time4Trees also offers a 10-year maintenance and necessary replacement service as standard with each tree, helping ensure they reach their full maturity. After this 10-year period, your trees will reach optimal carbon offsetting capacity.

This is an experience that an individual or company can take part in for minimal cost that allows them to feel positive about their contribution. Rather than a quick reward, this is one that will grow throughout your lifetime as each tree is kept as forestry for over 100 years. Perfect as a gift for someone you love, or as a personal gift back to our planet. 

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