Two Months Free Life Insurance by Dead Happy

Two months free life insurance when you sign up with Dead Happy.
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The Experience

Life Insurance Redesigned. Dead Happy have made their Life Insurance quick and easy to apply for. It only takes a few minutes, application is easy and you can get a quote online today.

Allow us to introduce you to... Dead Happy

Dead Happy attempt to make the often bleak concept of life insurance more engaging. They call their policy a Deathwish: not a desire for self annihilation, but rather what you wish to happen when you die. After all, unless you're immortal, like taxes, death is one of the few certainties in life. Be prepared, think about what you want, put plans in place and share with the people who need to know. 

With the knowledge that the average life insurance policy was cancelled after seven days, it was clear to them that the traditional life insurance model was not working for the vast majority. Dead Happy has created a whole new life insurance policy, disrupting the status quo and bringing an all round better product to the market. 

Why we love Dead Happy

Dead Happy truly is one of the best options for life insurance on the market, particularly for people that do not want to dwell on the subject. Their purpose is to provide an easy and fast alternative to many of the mainstays of the industry, with their policies usually also working out cheaper as well. 

They are attempting to turn the industry on its head. Many of the providers on the market look and feel the same, offering arduous processes with similar outcomes. Dead Happy stands out amongst the rest. 

What's more, they are trying to make a bleak subject fun. Through their unique advertising and language, they are removing some of the traditional barriers put in place when discussing life insurance and are instead opting for a frank and humorous dialogue to try and lighten the subject.