Treasured Favourites Voucher Spend by Dower & Hall

Voucher spend that can be used across the entire Dower & Hall jewellery range. £100 £150 (Save £50)

The Experience

Spend £100 and receive a £150 voucher to spend across the entire Dower & Hall jewellery range. 

Stunning gold, silver, pearl, gemstones and more. Fine jewellery, occasion-wear and a host of unique collections. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Dower & Hall

Since 1990, Dower & Hall have been creating a wonderful world of stunning everyday and fine jewellery. Renowned for creating easy-to-wear pieces that become treasured favourites. 

Perfect for the style-conscious accessory wearer, Dower & Hall creates stunning collections throughout the year with sheer indulgence at the heart of everything they do. Passionate designers that take pleasure in making items that will change your wardrobe. 

Why we love Dower & Hall

While many jewellers specialise in the grand occasion pieces or the everyday items, Dower & Hall have found a way to incorporate both. 

Over the years their handcrafted jewellery has been featured on the pages of high-profile fashion magazines, red carpets, television and cinema screens. Their pieces are made with recycled materials and inspired by a wide range of sources including travels and organic forms, meaning you're sure to find something that's suited to you. 

Created in their London studios and shipped nationwide, a browse through their store is enough to convince you to add a piece to your collection.