Protein Juice Cleanse by EXALT

Three day or seven day, protein-packed juice cleanse designed to lose weight and feel great. £75 £90 (Save £15)

The Experience

EXALT Life is a science-backed diet plan that’s sustainable for both you and the planet. Typical juice cleanses claim many benefits without any credible scientific support and can in fact be bad for your long-term health.

Each course includes two cold-pressed juices with natural supplements and four diet protein smoothies per day. They are all hand-made with sustainable, healthy ingredients and delivered to you on ice. 

All juices come with added supplements, including Collagen, and you can choose from Whey protein smoothies or a Vegan alternative. 

Choose between a three day cleanse or a seven day cleanse. 

Allow us to introduce you to... EXALT

Premium, all-natural ingredients. Designed by leading dieticians. Sustainably made in Hackney. Shipped on ice. This isn’t your typical juice cleanse. This is EXALT Life, and it feels amazing.

The issue with most juice cleanses is that they are packed with fruit juices and water, meaning they don't provide you with the protein you need. EXALT Life creates a system where you feel fully nourished throughout the programme. 

Founded by Charlie and Dan, two fitness-focused entrepreneurs who found eating nutritious, healthy meals while balancing everything else was proving difficult. In winter 2019, along with expert nutritionists and dieticians Ro Huntriss and Alex Cook, EXALT was born. 

Recently featured in Women's Health, Men's Health, GQ, Vogue, Tatler, Stylist. 

Why we love... EXALT

A detox can work wonders both mentally and physically, and EXALT RESET allows you to put a pause on unfortunate eating habits and kickstart a healthy weight loss programme.

The keyword here is ‘sustainable’: thankfully, due to the expert advice and nutritional input of the EXALT team, you can trust that the plan you are following is rooted in research.

Finally, and the most crucial point, the products actually work. The shakes and cold-pressed juices are delicious, unlike the mass-produced alternatives on the market. The hand-crafted and unique formula makes this our top pick for those looking to hit restart on their diet.