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Premium Wine Case by Laylo

Boxed Tempranillo, Sauvignon, and Vino Rosso Vulcanico wines, designed to keep and to last. £30 £37 (Save £7)

The Experience

This experience includes a variety of premium, sustainably packaged wine boxes from Laylo.

Choose from two wine box options; one containing Tempranillo and Sauvignon, the other containing Vino Rosso Vulcanico.

Tempranillo & Sauvignon Wine Case

Each boxed wine contains 2.25L (equivalent of 3 bottles).

1x Sauvignon Blanc | 11.5% ABV | Vegetarian

1x Tempranillo | 14.5% ABV | Vegan

Tempranillo and Sauvignon classic wines which are universally adored and best enjoyed as part of a function, dinner party or just enjoying with friends and loved ones.

Vino Rosso Vulcanico Wine Case

Each boxed wine contains 2.25L (equivalent of 3 bottles).

1x Vino Rosso Vulcanico | 13% ABV | Vegan

Created from a combination of Nerello Mascalese and Nero d'Avola grape varieties grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, this medium bodied red wine is packed with spiced cherry notes. This refreshingly light wine is best enjoyed with a hearty pasta dish.

Allow us to introduce you to... Laylo

Laylo is a female-founded luxury wine company putting premium wine into beautiful boxes. Boxed wine not only generates 90% less carbon than bottled, but also lasts for 6 weeks after opening. 

Gone are the days of cheap plonk in ugly cardboard: Laylo is here to show you that wine can be delicious, sustainable and beautiful. 

Why we love Laylo

We love all things sustainable, and Laylo is one of many wine brands looking to diversify the industry and provide gorgeous wines that are friendlier on the environment. The packaging and creation process creates far less carbon than the bottled equivalent, and each order comes with a free delivery envelope to return the bags and taps for recycling. 

Wine is best enjoyed with friends and loved ones, in a social setting or as part of a party. This is the perfect addition to any gathering, with larger boxes that contain more of the good stuff and an easy distribution method that means the wine stays fresh for longer and is easily shared. 

The main benefit of Laylo is the quality wine. All Laylo wines are sourced directly from small-scale producers and are kept in different lots, meaning they are handpicked and curated by leading tastemakers in the field.