Sustainable Luxury Knitwear & Coats by Tutussie

Luxury, sustainable coats and knitwear designed to last a lifetime in both structure and style. £160 £200 (Save £40)

The Experience

Tutussie is offering an exclusive 20% discount on any of their products exclusively to The Mór Card.

From their range of winter Cashmere and wool coats featuring detachable fur collars and cuffs, and side-seam pockets. Fastens with a button and matching belts, Tutussie provides luxury coats that will last a lifetime. Their knitwear sweaters are made from pure recycled wool, providing a soft and comfortable feel while conveying the style and luxury that Titussie represents. Experience ethically produced, timeless designs and quality materials with Tutussie. 

Choose from their range of classic colours, the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Allow us to introduce you to... Tutussie

Tutussie is a female-founded sustainable fashion brand based in London, specialising in cashmere outerwear. Tutussie merges minimalist design and contemporary fashion, creating womenswear made of luxurious and eco-friendly materials to improve people's lives in small but important ways. 

Timelessness being the key factor alongside aesthetic, Tutussie has brought traditional shapes with smart details, functionality and a new luxury feel with an honest price point.

Why we love Tutussie

Slow fashion. Ethical. Female-founded. There are many reasons to love Tutussie. 

For us, it's the chance to buy clothing which embodies the ethos of "Experience". These are not coats that will be worn a couple of times and discarded. They may not be your daily, nip-to-the-shops coats; however, the structure and design means that they will never wear and will never go out of style. 

We're believers in investments, finding a luxury that you can justify. For something luxurious, stylish and guilt-free: Tutussie.