Sustainable Gift Sets by MadeKind

A collection of planet friendly gifts presented in hand made gift boxes, made from archival card to be reused and repurposed. £55 £64 (Save £9)

The Experience

Surprise friends and family with these beautiful gift boxes, all made with plant-based, eco, sustainable products to truly wow those who receive them.

New Home Gift Box

A collection of planet friendly, natural cleaning products in stylish amber glass bottles, Danish kitchen textiles and wooden brush presented in a beautifully handmade, keepsake gift box.

Wellbeing Gift Box

A beautiful handmade, keepsake gift box containing a collection of luxury, natural wellbeing products; a gentle moisturising body wash infused with essential oils, mineral-rich relaxing bath salts, a large luxurious aromatherapy candle, mood-enhancing room mist and a massaging body brush.

Aromatherapy Candle Gift Box

A collection of 3 soy wax, hand-poured candles in amber glass jars, infused with 3 different blends of essential oils to 'relax', 'awaken' and help you 'focus'. Candles are presented in a beautifully handmade, keepsake gift box.

The Unwind Gift Box

A beautiful handmade, keepsake gift box containing a large soy wax, hand-poured candle in an amber glass jar with bath salts presented in an apothecary jar, both infused with a blend of relaxing essential oils.

Allow us to Introduce you to... MadeKind

MadeKind creates stunning sustainable, plant-based, eco-alternative products for people wanting to cut harmful chemicals and plastic out of their homes.

The passion project of founders Caroline & Anita, MadeKind was created with a drive for change in the way we use products within our homes. Even the simplest products can be wrapped in plastic, often ending up in our oceans. Not to mention the number of harmful chemicals used in everyday products we might not even know that are having an effect on our health. 

MadeKind is part of the change to create sustainable options for everyday items. Creating products in a range of categories like Bath & Body, Home Fragrance, Cleaning Products and more. All of which are made from natural, plant-based ingredients.

Why we love MadeKind

Making sustainable choices is something we as humans are trying to do to make sure our planet stays healthy; MadeKind makes that easier. With beautifully designed and curated products available in a wide range of scents you won't have to buy another bottle of handwash which makes your skin feel irritated. Say no to candles that burn out after only a couple of hours, convert to MadeKind's soy wax candles the natural renewable resource which burns without producing pollutants.

The idea that you need toxic chemicals to kill bacteria and cut through grease and grime simply isn’t true and MadeKind set out to prove this. There are plenty of natural ingredients that have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Not only can the chemicals in regular household cleaners poison the air inside your home, but they are also washed into our water systems, which over time affect wildlife and other natural resources. MadeKind have developed biodegradable formulas that are safe around kids and pets, and use natural essential oils instead of harsh, synthetic fragrances.