Sustainable Camera Accessories by Urth

Sustainable camera accessories and equipment. £34 £40 (Save £6)

The Experience

This is one for the camera enthusiasts that love the planet. Sustainable camera equipment, carry cases, and backpacks.

Arkose 20L Modular Backpack

The Arkose Backpack is an Ash Grey travel backpack with a padded laptop compartment and 12 storage zones for a water bottle, portable charger, external hard drive, stylus pen, and daily gear.

This streamlined backpack is 70% recycled and made from durable weatherproof recycled nylon to keep your belongings dry. The bag is complete with external tripod straps and a compartment divider that can be unzipped to maximise your storage space.

Backed for life and using trusted YKK zips, this is the 20 litre version from the Urth backpack range.

Norite 24L Modular Backpack

The Norite backpack is a black travel backpack complete with 14 storage zones including a padded laptop compartment, a stylus pen insert, pockets for small valuables, and plenty of space for the rest of your gear.  

70% recycled and made from durable weatherproof recycled nylon to keep your belongings dry, this backpack can easily be transformed into a durable camera bag due to its external tripod holder.

Backed for life and using trusted YKK zips, this is the 24 litre version from the Urth backpack range.

Core Camera Strap

Choose from the Slim (20mm) or Standard (40mm) version of the Core Camera Strap.

These black or grey adjustable recycled nylon strap can be used as a camera neck or shoulder straps. Offering a stable carry with a low-profile silicone grip on one side, the Core Camera straps each have a quick-release function and two sets of innovative Pebble Fastener camera strap clips with a tripod anchor attached.

Durable and strong by design, each has been strength tested to hold up to 80kg and is designed to last for life.


Allow us to introduce you to... Urth

Urth was born in 2014 after a two-year road trip from California to Patagonia. Christian and Chris, the founders of Urth, spent as much time in nature as possible and met the third founder, Minnie, along the way. 

Nurturing a deep connection with nature reminded them of our impact on the environment and our responsibility to minimise these effects. They realised business was the most impactful way to create lasting change. 

Keen photographers themselves, they looked for a way to blend this newfound environmental passion with something they knew well. From this, Urth was created. 

Why we love Urth

Urth is a brand that is putting a lot of effort into their sustainability pledge. Not only are they using mostly recycled materials for their bags, they are also actively working to reforest the planet. With every Urth purchase, donations are made to help communities plant five trees, meaning each purchase is offset and ecosystems are rejuvenated. 

Thanks to this initiative and at the time of writing, Urth has helped to plant over 5,000,000 trees, offset over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 and help to provide these communities with over 50,000 days of employment. 

Not only are the purchases guilt-free, they're also an excellent investment. These backpacks and straps are guaranteed to last for life and will help with your aim towards slower fashion and accessories. Well-built and capable of withstanding both the weight of professional photography equipment and the harshest weather conditions.