Sustainable Activewear by VEOM Activewear

Voucher spend on sustainable activewear tops and leggings. £55 £65 (Save £10)

The Experience

Ethically manufactured leggings and sports bras that combine functionality and comfort, meaning you will love to wear them. 

No compromise on style, performance or sustainability, this is an exciting innovation in sustainable activewear, designed for leisure use as well as performance. 

This voucher spend gives you access to the entire VEOM Activewear range, with a wide selection of unique prints and European made eco-friendly leggings and bras which are beautifully designed, comfortable and durable. 

Allow us to introduce you to... VEOM Activewear

VEOM Activewear is a team of London-based creative environmentalists. They love fashion, but firmly believe in recycling, renovating and living pure. 

VEOM involved up-to-the-minute fabulously unique prints that are always exciting and eye-catching. Their designs reflect their beliefs, as well as incorporating what's in style. Their remarkable combinations reflect the world we live in today. 

Much like you, VEOM cares about our environment. 

Why we love VEOM Activewear

Comfort is key when it comes to activewear and leisurewear. We know that people will not want to sacrifice comfort for anything when working out, and this can mean opting for some of the traditional and household name brands that you know will do the job. 

Thankfully, VEOM manages to prioritise both comfort and sustainability in their brand. Rather than opting for one or the other, they have managed to create unique clothing that feels good while doing good. 

Their activewear is always ethically made using premium quality Italian fabrics sourced from recycled plastic. They use this to make eye-catching gear with its own personality, and with a good message behind it.