Store Discount by Tìr-Dhàimh

Scarves, candles, eye masks and home accessories designed in and inspired by the Scottish Highlands. £100 £125 (Save £25)

The Experience

Receive a £125 voucher for just £100 to spend across the store with Tìr-Dhàimh. 

Shop scarves, candles, eyemasks and home accessories from independent designer Rachel Devine. Traditional designs, international materials and contemporary products. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Tìr-Dhàimh

Tìr-Dhàimh – pronounced teer-dayv – is the Scottish Gaelic word for homeland. A contemporary and considered lifestyle brand, Tìr-Dhàimh draws inspiration from Scotland: its people, its culture and its landscapes.

Traditional emblems are revisited and distilled into modern designs, scents and fabrics. In homewares and accessories, Tìr-Dhàimh products create a sense of everyday luxury, marrying indulgence and sophistication with the comforts of home.

Why we love Tìr-Dhàimh

This unique brand is born of Rachel Devine, a designer trained in Glasgow and London. Not only is this a female-led business, but also one with traditional motifs shaped and curated from local and international materials.  

We love celebrating local heroes. Tìr-Dhàimh is a perfect example, hailing from Scotland like ourselves. On a separate note, we feel they are a kindred spirit in representing the Gaelic language (and creating a name you have to spell out phonetically).