Sourdough Bakery Classes by Naked Sourdough

Roxburghˏ Ettrickˏ and Lauderdale
Learn all the steps to creating the perfect sourdough recipes in this well-renowned artisanal bakery in the Scottish Borders. £115 £126.50 (Save £11)

The Experience

A beginner's introduction into sourdough bread making from starter (levain) to loaf. Learn how the masters prepare, start and perfect their sourdough loaves, with tips and guidance for how to create the best possible bread from your home kitchen. 

This experience can be used in a one-to-one masterclass, or you can learn together as a group of three. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Naked Sourdough

Naked Sourdough is a micro-bakery based in the Scottish Borders, specialising in teaching bakers of all skill levels the basics in creating beautiful sourdough loaves. 

Delve into the art of baking real, artisan bread and learn how to master sourdough through simple, efficient and foolproof techniques. 

Why we love Naked Sourdough

For many of us, bread is one of the staples of a simple pleasure in life. It's something we might take for granted but, when done right, can transform a meal experience. 

In terms of learning a skill which can be used on a frequent basis, this is near the top. Once you learn the basics well, it sets you on your way to never having to buy artisanal bread again. 

Throughout lockdown we found ourselves turning to homemade goods, taking some time to learn the basics. Bread was one of the most popular options, and it's a skill which is unbelievably useful. Having your own starter kit at home which you created from scratch, and then being able to quickly turn around a beautiful loaf, is a real luxury.