Skincare Collection Bundles by Bog Skincare

Four certified organic, sustainably sourced and packaged skincare bundles. £63 £70 (Save £7)

The Experience

Reveal flawless skin with Bog Skincare's collections. Containing a curated selection of organic beauty products, each set delivers a specific skincare benefit.


Unlock long-lasting skin softness with the Hydrate Collection.   

What’s Included? 

4 x Hydrate and Revitalise Masks, PM Serum.

Give dry, irritated skin a treat with the Hydrate and Revitalise Organic Sheet Mask. A blend of powerful organic ingredients including hero Organic Peat, anti-inflammatory Bilberry Extract and hydration boosting Hyaluronic Acid will instantly calm and soothe, leaving your complexion smooth and silky soft. 

PM Serum is the overnight route to hydrated, smoothed, blemish free skin. Lady’s Mantle and Organic Peat work to combat free radicals, with Aloe and Hyaluronic nourish and moisturise.  


Reveal a blemish free complexion with the Detoxify Collection. 

What’s Included? 

4 x Energise and Detoxify Masks, AM Serum.

Discover healthy, radiant, decongested skin with Energise and Detoxify Organic Sheet Mask. Skin is detoxified and enriched with a glow-inducing blend of Organic Peat, Lady’s Mantle and Hyaluronic Acid.  

Is your skin in need of a morning pick up? AM Serum’s potent ingredient trio of Hyaluronic Acid, Bilberry extract and Organic Peat will moisturise, refine, and de-puff any lingering eye bags.  

Ultimate Collection 

See the difference organic skincare can make with the Ultimate Collection. 

What’s included? 

2 x Energise and Detoxify Masks, 2 x Hydrate and Revitalise Masks, AM and PM Serum.

Packed with nourishing organic beauty, the Ultimate Collection has everything you need to indulge your skin at a home pampering evening for one. Perfect as a treat for yourself or a gift for an organic beauty lover. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Bog Skincare

Organic skincare that's 3,000 years in the making. Bog Skincare uses naturally sourced peat to create these specialist blends. They're all about skin preservation using paraben and gluten-free ingredients. 

Founded by Milana Wood, her original aim was to find a skincare product that would work for her during her pregnancy without using any nasty chemicals that may affect her or her baby. Her research led her to the Irish peat bogs and the fascinating results they have given, thus Bog Skincare was born. 


Why we love Bog Skincare

Not many skincare brands can boast the same interesting product inception as Bog. The story began with an Irish farmer out for a stroll who made the shocking discovery of a young man's body immersed in his bog. Upon inspection, it was found the body was over 2,000 years old; yet the nutrient-rich organic peat that formed the top layer of the soil had preserved the skin to near-perfect conditions. 

Today, the brand focuses on providing a skincare routine that is friendly to all users. Always naturally and sustainably sourced ingredients, presented in earth friendly packaging with zero plastic and recycled materials.

Additionally, they donate a portion of profits to Friends of the Earth to further aid the guilt-free usage.