Silk PJ Set by Fox & Taylor

A choice of two silk vegan-friendly PJ sets in bespoke designs. £90 £100 (Save £10)

The Experience

Designed to deliver premium form, fit, and function, silk PJ sets from Fox & Taylor put style and conscious design first.

Choose between two bespoke patterns and make the most of the multi-functional designs. These PJ sets are perfect for a cosy night’s sleep, and they also look sleek and stylish as loungewear.

Amor - Leopard print vegan silk PJ set

Available in sizes XS through to XL, this silk design features bespoke black and toffee leopard print across the comfortable yet flattering button-up shirt and wide-leg pants.

Amor – Boho print vegan silk PJ set

Available in sizes XS through to XL, this long-sleeved PJ set has been designed in a bespoke large-scale boho print, featuring floral motifs against a rich red background.

Allow us to introduce you to... Fox & Taylor

Since Fox & Taylor was founded in 2017, they have prided themselves in creating premium, eco-conscious loungewear. Informed by her extensive design experience with some of the world’s leading lingerie brands, the brand's founder Michelle Buttery incorporates expert fabric knowledge and a passion for garment fit and function into her designs.

All of the garments by Fox & Taylor are created with sustainability at the forefront of their design. Each set is also designed to be multifunctional, providing an ultra-soft feel and a flattering look. This makes these garments ideal, whether you choose to wear them as nightwear, loungewear, or to socialise in.

Why we love Fox & Taylor

There’s nothing like a new set of perfect silk PJs to make you feel fabulous and snug. And when they’ve been created with high-quality soft-to-the-touch fabric by an ethical loungewear company, the experience is even better. At Fox & Taylor, an environmentally conscious approach is taken during every step of the design process. What’s more, the fact that these pieces are designed to be repurposed and re-worn for different occasions encourages an eco-friendly approach to fashion.

We also love the family values that the foundations of this premium brand are built upon. Named after Michelle Buttery’s two grandmothers, Fox and Taylor, this brand is a result of a passion for garment-making that has been passed down through generations.

With so many new fashion designs hitting the market, it is often difficult to find loungewear pieces that look beautiful, make you feel confident and comfortable, and offer multi-functionality. Each design by Fox & Taylor combines these important factors, resulting in ethical, bespoke garments that you’re sure to love as much as we do.