Free Seven Day Success IQ Mindset Challenge by Geoff Nicholson

A seven-day video series designed to improve your mindset delivered directly to your inbox.
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The Experience

Embark on a seven-day IQ mindset challenge with expert coach Geoff Nicholson. This course consists of a video series, prompts, and guidance that will help you to unlock the best version of you and take strides towards success.

The themes addressed within this seven-day course include:

  • Journaling guidance
  • The power and importance of Self-Talk
  • Useful habits to improve your mindset
  • Defining success
  • Getting ‘unstuck’
  • Stress reduction
  • How to plan your life with intention

During this course, you will receive information and video guidance each day, directly to your email inbox.

Allow us to introduce you to... Geoff Nicholson

Before becoming a life coach, Geoff Nicholson had faced challenges with both his mental and physical health, including work-related stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. 

It was from this dark place, that the inspiration for becoming a life coach was ignited. After facing adversity for so long, he realised that there was so much value in expressing emotions and challenging yourself to make a change. 

From that point onwards, he decided he wanted to help others realise their potential without having to go through the darkness he went through himself. He then devoted his career to helping people achieve their goals, manage stress, and believe in themselves. 

Why we love Geoff Nicholson

Here at Mór, achieving a healthy work-life balance is at the heart of what we do. Managing stress and anxiety is a huge part of this, and that’s one of the reasons why we are excited to share the endless benefits of Geoff Nicholson’s mindset coaching services with you. 

Geoff’s journey is inspiring and aspirational, and he brings his clear passion for mindset coaching into all of his sessions. 

He offers the unique perspective of someone who has faced adversity and come out stronger on the other side. Because of this, he is dedicated to offering transformational tools that have the potential to do the same for others.