Reusable Bottle and Coffee Cup Bundles by Cupple

Reusable, sustainable travel cups and mugs. £42 £47.50 (Save £5)

The Experience

The design combines a screw-together water bottle for cold liquids and an insulated cup for when you want to stop for a hot drink, both are comprised of stainless steel so are toxic free and easy to keep clean. 

The water bottles are 525ml lightweight stainless steel, with a single-wall leak proof design. The drinks cup is 340ml, double-wall insulated with a lid, and designed to keep drinks at their desired temperature for longer. The cup and silicon lid are hidden within the outer sleeve, ensuring the lid is kept clean and hygienic at all times.

Personalised Cupple

A Cupple in any of the 5 available colours with a personalised name added to the bottle. Choose from different fonts and gift a personalised sustainable bottle. 


Both options include free shipping. 


Allow us to introduce you to... Cupple

Cupple is part of the next generation of reusables, offering a convenient, combined, stylish, sustainable choice for people on the move whilst helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

The Cupple story began when founders and cousins Amanda and Eve realised they shared the same concerns about the planet and wanted to make a positive contribution towards reducing litter and removing waste from the environment.  

Why we love Cupple

First and foremost, Cupple is a uniquely designed product that's perfect for coffee lovers, commuters, hikers and lovers of the planet. The design combines a screw-together bottle and cup comprised of stainless steel and silicone, so your drinks will remain cold or hot depending on what you're putting in there. 

This is not just about the convenient design, however. Cupple is on a mission to create something that is truly sustainable. That means the product is designed to last and is made with recyclable materials, so that even once it reaches its end of life point you can still recycle it without adding to environmental waste. 

Cupple also put their money where their mouth is, as part of the 1% for the Planet group. This is a global network of businesses taking responsibility and supporting the environment. As part of this, Cupple contributes 1% of gross sales to The Woodland Trust and Marine Conservation Society in a bid to help clean up our natural resources across the country.