Pro Cork Yoga Mat Bundle by Cork Space

Luxury yoga mat that offers 4mm of natural rubber, topped with a sustainable Portuguese cork. £90 £107 (Save £17)

The Experience

A sturdy, comfortable and secure yoga mat is a must for an experienced yogi or someone who wants to try a new skill. 

This exciting bundle includes Cork Space's sustainable Yoga mat, smooth like butter to touch and with a natural grounding of 4mm of rubber to ensure you keep your balance and zen.

Their mats provide the ultimate protection for knees and joints with their thick padded centre. The bundle also includes a free carry strap, Yoga block & cork massage ball. The ideal bundle for the mindful morning. 

Introducing... Cork Space

Allow us to introduce you to... Cork Space

Cork Space is an independent family-run Yoga brand founded in 2018, inspired to promote sustainability and design products that will elevate your practice. Their mission is to reshape the Yoga industry with 100% eco alternatives that truly feel like a brand new experience. 

Why we love Cork Space

With the massive growth of mindfulness, meditation and general self-care, the emphasis on sustainability is sometimes forgotten about. Being mindful doesn't just have to be within ourselves but for our body as well. Cork Space is leading the charge in sustainable products related to our workouts. 

Not to mention with every Cork Space Yoga Mat that is made, 10 trees are planted in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. These trees are planted all around the world from Nepal to Indonesia to even Madagascar, meaning Cork Space are helping take steps to reforest land, provide local employment and create new habitats for wildlife. 

Whether it's yoga, stretching or meditation; their products use natural ingredients to ensure that your session isn't disrupted by coarse materials or textures. Instead, you will feel smooth, soft cork that lets your skin breathe.  Additional benefits include: 

  • Raw cork being 100% biodegradable. 
  • Antimicrobial properties which kill bacteria & fungus.
  • No smell retention, meaning the mat will be free from the odour from perspiration.
  • The more you sweat, the more gripping the mat will become, so push it to the limit! 

Introducing... Cork Space