Premium Baking Kits by Little Box Bakery

Four themed baking activity kits packed full of everything your child needs to get creative in the kitchen. £13 £15 (Save £2)

The Experience 

Calling all superheroes, astronauts, jungle explorers, and little dinos – are you ready for an adventure?

Each of the four themed baking activity kits from Little Box Bakery is packed with everything your little one will need to create a delicious baked treat while letting their creativity run wild.

Choose between these four kits, each including a different easy-to-follow-recipe, perfectly measured dry ingredients, and exciting educational activities including stickers, fun fact cards, and a character mask.

  • Power Up Rice Puffs – become a superhero for the day
  • Cheeky Choc Chip Muffins – set out on a jungle quest
  • Space Rock Choc Chip Cookies – prepare for blast-off
  • Roarrrsome Rocky Roads – get ready for a Jurassic adventure

Each kit is suitable for children between the ages of two and nine and contains all the dry ingredients you’ll need. Just add butter or vegan spread and an egg to complete the recipes.

Allow us to introduce… Little Box Bakery

Co-founders of Little Box Bakery Steven and Jane are both passionate about making baking fun and creative. Having both loved baking from a young age, they were eager to create a product that was premium, educational, fun, and (most importantly) delicious!

Steven first started baking with his Nan when he was just six and knew he wanted to pursue a career as a chef by age 11. Since then, he has followed his dream, working as a chef for 14 years in multiple Michelin Star restaurants.

Since first falling in love with baking at the age of three, Jane has also pursued a career in the culinary world. She has spent many years working in food retail and packaging design.

Why we love Little Box Bakery

This business is about more than baking. It’s about helping children to learn and develop in a fun and creative way.

As well as showing this commitment through the educational activities in each box, this brand invests in fundraising initiatives. For example, Little Box Bakery donates £3.00 (20%) from every baking kit sale to the PTA School affiliate scheme.

As well as this, Little Box Bakery teaches children to be kind to the planet and leads by example. All of the dry ingredients in each kit are weighed out in 100% recyclable packaging to encourage sustainability from a young age.