Premium Alpaca Wool Voucher by Tuwi

Gorgeous alpaca wool products for your baby, home and for gifting. £80 £100 (Save £20)

The Experience

This exclusive voucher gives you access to a unique range of luxurious knitted baby blankets and baby knitwear, home accessories and scarves. Tuwi is a British company specialising in sustainably made baby alpaca fibre products. Every piece in the collection is made from baby alpaca fibre, hypoallergenic material with superb thermal qualities that is perfect for babies and young children. 

This voucher is suitable to use across the Home, Baby, For Him/Her and Outlet sections of the Tuwi site. 

Allow us to introduce you to.. Tuwi

Tuwi takes its name from the word for baby alpaca in Quechua, the language of the Incas. Founder Kasia McConaghy, after having a highly successful career in modelling in Paris and Milan, went on to work in luxury retail management in London. Her broad experience gave her an appreciation for beautiful design and a strong sense that quality is worth striving for.

Her affection grew for the uncommon material of baby alpaca during a trip to Cusco where she bought her first alpaca blanket. The feel and texture were unlike anything she had felt before. The Baby Alpaca Fibre was once considered a treasure of the ancient Incas; the fleece is exceptionally soft, hypoallergenic, water repellent, lightweight and very durable. It is also up to five times warmer than the common sheep's wool, with outstanding thermal qualities which brings warmth in cold weather and keeps the body cool in the heat. 

Following years of research and hard work Kasia launched her first collection of baby blankets, this launch was close to her heart and a significant moment for her after all that time. 

Why we love Tuwi

It’s little wonder that the brand has seen a notable amount of coverage in the press including Vogue, The Independent, Luna, Epicure and more.

Despite the name, baby alpaca fibre does not actually come from baby animals, it refers purely to the grading system of the fleece. This unique material is comparable in softness to cashmere and is more environmentally sustainable.

Each of Tuwi's products is a true investment piece that will last at least one generation, and certainly into the next if it is taken care of. The relentless focus on quality, the considered design, the elegant colour palette, and the small detail that go into each of their unique pieces are what sets Tuwi apart.