Organic El Palto coffee by Fireheart Coffee

Whole bean or ground organic Peruvian El Palto coffee. £7.50 £9 (Save £1)

The Experience 

Treat yourself to a supreme coffee experience with 250g or 1kg of certified organic El Palto coffee.

This Peruvian roast has a rich flavour profile, including notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut. This versatile coffee is sure to taste delicious whichever way you make your coffee, whether that be a traditional espresso machine or a filter.

Choose between 250g or 1kg of this rich, chocolatey coffee, available to order in both whole bean and ground options.

Allow us to introduce you to…Fireheart Coffee

The team at Fireheart Coffee is committed to delivering the best and freshest seasonal coffee, right to your door. They want you to be able to enjoy quality coffee from the comfort of your own home, without having to pay staggering prices at your local café.

To say that Fireheart Coffee founders Thomas, Paul, and Russell are passionate about coffee would be an understatement. Perhaps it’s better to say that they’re passionate about no-nonsense coffee, putting seasonality and simplicity first to deliver high-quality roasts time and time again.

At Fireheart Coffee, there is a belief that coffee shouldn’t be complicated. So, they put all of their energy into delivering the best coffee in the simplest way.  

Why we love Fireheart Coffee

By keeping it simple, Fireheart Coffee puts quality first – that’s one of the many things we love about them here at Mór. We also love the focus they have on offering fresh, seasonal products, meaning that customers can discover different delicious blends all year round.

What’s more, Fireheart Coffee takes a sustainable and ethical approach to everything they do, from supporting the farmers and producers that they work with to opting for eco-friendly packaging.