Online Drawing Courses by Lascelles Fine Art

Online drawing courses for individuals, couples or larger groups. £120 £132 (Save £12)

The Experience

Four, two and a half hour classes with Gordon Carter, aimed at providing you with all the basics to learn the craft of beautiful drawing and sketching. 

This drawing course begins with an initial consultation with your tutor, which is arranged as you redeem your course by email or phone. 

Either by email, phone, or via zoom; you and your tutor will discuss your previous history with drawing and art in general, and what you would like to achieve throughout the four sessions. The primary aim of the consultation is to tailor your course to your specific level of ability and what you would like to learn based on your own desires and needs.  In this way, each course is a unique experience designed exclusively for you in collaboration with you. 

Depending on your preferences, you may learn the basics in multiple areas, such as: perspective, human proportions, composition, portraiture, an understanding of various graphic materials and how to handle them, how to draw from life, how to draw from photography, the basics of drawing landscapes, the basics of life drawing, the differences between a sketch and a study, how to start a drawing and how to finish it. From the consultation your tutor will sketch out a plan for your four sessions, discuss what materials you will need and where to obtain them, and arrange the scheduling of your class sessions with you.  

What is not taught in this course, but is happily offered, is the endless encouragement of your tutor to develop your drawing skills and to take every possible benefit from them.

Allow us to introduce you to... Lascelles Fine Arts

Lascelles Fine Arts is owned and operated by Gordon Carter. Gordon is a British-American artist with 32 years experience as an oil painter and has been a professional artist for 23 years. He has had numerous personal exhibitions and group showings in North America and Europe, notably also participating in group exhibitions in several national museums in Europe and the Venice Biennial.

His works have been received into public and private collections in Europe and North America. He began teaching drawing and painting as an extension of his art practice in 2006. Lascelles Fine Art institution was created as a result of the global pandemic, as Gordon sought new ways to showcase and teach art.

Why we love Lascelles Fine Arts

Lascelles Fine Art believe art should not be exclusive, rather it is a skill that anyone, at any age, may acquire. All that is required is knowledge, encouragement and continued practice; two of which Lascelles can provide. If you have the drive to push on and learn the core skills required in art, this experience may be the one for you. 

From this experience, Lascelles have found that the benefits to health and wellbeing come from the practice of drawing rather than a final, finished result; in this way the beginning student will have benefit from the practice even before they have developed their drawing skill to any proficient level.  

Basically, it's not all about the end result. This is a chance to learn the processes and the skills that make a great artist from a veteran of the practice.