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Mezcal Gift Box by Pensador

Authentic Mexican mezcal gift set with the traditional spirit and ceramic serving cups. £53 £60 (Save £7)

The Experience

Artisanal Mezcals from Miahuatlán, Southern Oaxaca. A 50cl bottle of Pensador Ensamble Batch A4 with 2 ceramic mezcal cups presented in a custom gift box.

This Ensamble of Espadin and Madrecuishe comes from Atenogenes Garcia in Miahautlan, Southern Oaxaca. Tasting notes of roasted apricot, cacao, and gentle smoke, bottled at a spirit warming 48% ABV.

The ceramic mezcal cups are also hand-made in Oaxaca. Like the mezcal they are an expression of the traditions, local materials, and artisanal craftmanship of the region. Each is a unique piece. Volumes vary from 30-40ml.

These custom gift boxes are hand built and sealed at the Pensador HQ in East London. Presented in craft brown card with a brief written description of the origins of the copitas. They offer the ideal gift opportunity for the mezcal lover in your life.

Allow us to introduce you to... Pensador

Pensador founder Ben first tasted Mezcal in Mexico City in the summer of 2015. This initial taste was enough to inspire this entire business. 

Learning all he could about the process and the culture of the production, he filled his bags and returned to London to share his precious finds with friends and family. The appeal of an authentic Mexican experience for a UK audience was apparent, as well as the steps that would need to be taken in order for it to be properly understood and appreciated. 

Ben has made it his mission to expand horizons and transport people to those southern Mexican towns, diligently following traditional rules and processes to introduce UK audiences to the perfect mezcal from Oaxaca. 

Why we love Pensador

Few spirits are as traditionally created as Pensador mezcal. Working with local grower-producers Atenógenes and Jose García, Pensador have created an ensamble of Espadin and Madrecuishe, blending beautifully to make a new recipe in the world of mezcal. 

This area of the world forms the backbone of Pensador. Mezcal is similar to wine in that it is the product of a terroir, meaning each brand and bottle carries with it a unique local identity and flavour. Pensador hails from Oaxaca and contains the unique local flavours attributed with this region of Mexico. 

What's more, Pensador gives 10% of proceeds from each bottle sold directly to a charity focusing on sustainability in the region. Meaning you are not only tasting something traditional from this part of the world, but also helping in efforts to restore and preserve it for future production.