Mental Wealth by House of Ikigai

Talking therapy designed to empower and totally free from judgement, based in Inverkeithing, Fife. £500 £600 (Save £100)

The Experience

Free from judgement, expectations and assumptions. This is talking therapy designed to empower, enrich and enlighten. House of Ikigai meets you where you are at and takes you to where you want to be, mentally. 

This is a block of three sessions with a professional, and regulated by Healthcare Improvement Scotland. 

Allow us to introduce you to... House of Ikigai

Time to brighten up your day. House of Ikigai presents the phenomenon of life's worth. This is an aesthetic and medical wellbeing centre which helps you transform your outer and inner beauty, building confidence and self-worth. 

Through non-surgical treatments, House of Ikigai offers users a safe and respectful visit. They take time to understand your wants and needs, before delivering to the standards you expect. Feel safe, secure and understood. 

House of Ikigai is based in Inverkeithing, Dunfermline. 

Why we love House of Ikigai

Treatments, tweakments and self betterment are on offer at House of Ikigai. We love anywhere which will leave our members feeling more assured and confident in their own minds and bodies after visiting. 

We love treatments which allow us to feel confident in ourselves, not frustrated by the small negatives. House of Ikigai looks at the whole person, not just the flaws. It's about positive ageing and getting to the root cause of individual concerns. 

Our members deserve experiences which will leave them feeling fulfilled and better than before they took them on board. Across the different services House of Ikigai provides, we know there is something for everyone.