Treasured Memory Bundles by meminio

Luxurious memory case bundles, designed to be the ultimate in storing and sharing lifelong memories. £175 £195 (Save £20)

The Experience

Take your pick from any of the following:

  • Large memory case bundle - includes 1x large case with personalised tag, a personalised 'Story of You' book and a knitted toy. 
  • Memory case bundle includes 1x small case with personalised tag, a personalised 'Story of You' book and a knitted toy.

Allow us to introduce you to... meminio

meminio create unique, handcrafted memory treasures: boxes, cases and folders perfect for storing photos and mementos.

Their range now includes gifts for any occasion from births and christenings, milestone birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

Why we love meminio

Gifting is in our nature. Not only do we love giving gifts, we also love giving the gift of experiences. Nothing ties these two ideas together more than a meminio treasured memory case: perfect for providing your loved ones with a method of storing and sharing their precious memories.

The items are carefully hand-bound in leather and are gorgeously presented. The cases and folders themselves are stunningly designed and are keepsakes in their own right, in addition to the memories they play host to.

What’s more, meminio is a small business founded and run by two mothers that started from a collective desire to store and share their childrens’ precious items. The business was born of shared familial values and has spread to include gifts for all members of the family.