Luxury Lingerie by the underargument

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The Experience

Choose from a variety of styles - thongs, briefs, underwire and soft cup bras made to empower women with their gorgeous designs and hidden messages advocating the power of individuality.



Allow us to introduce you to... The Underargument

A play on word with undergarment and argument, this brand advocates the power of individuality and arguing against the norm. Using premium European materials, each luxury collection represents an argument against the norm and each statement lingerie piece is named and labelled after an empowering quote to remind the wearer to embrace their individuality.

The brand practices what they branded "anti-castings". The concept invites women to share a story inspired by one of the brand's themes, no photos or measurements are requested and they meet the brand for the first time on the day of the shoot. This is a representation of the brand's commitment never to define diversity and to bring the focus on women experiences more than their bodies.

Why we love The Underargument

Lingerie should always be designed to make the wearer feel sexy within themselves. Not only do the underargument's pieces do this, but they also empower the wearer to unapologetically be themselves while wearing them. 

From the collection "no.01 For awesome // Against perfect" to "no.14 For belonging // Against fitting in", and hidden messages in each piece reminding the wearer to "Be perfectly imperfect" or that "Unique is the new normal" and more, customers are empowered, body and soul. 

Discover a premium lingerie brand like no other - one that's got a lot to show and a lot to say for women empowerment.