Jewellery Making Workshops by Sue O'Mara Art

East Sussex
Ring carving, silver casting and bangle making workshops. £250 £285 (Save £35)

The Experience

Two Day Ring Carving and Silver Casting Workshop

Two days of working with professional jewellers to create your own uniquely designed ring, as well as your own special piece of jewellery created by yourself. 

Day one involves going over the tools, processes and designing your own ring by carving into jeweller's wax. Enjoy a relaxing lunch in the woodland setting of the studio, before rounding out the afternoon by ensuring the ring size and designs are perfect. 

Day two follows a similar format, but is all about casting something of your own in sterling silver. A button, pendant, seed, earring - the choice is yours. You will use the mould, fill it with clay, melt the silver grain and polish the finished item. 

This workshop provides a chance to witness the full jewellery making process. 

Please note: each purchase is per person and classes hold up to six people. 

Bangle Making Workshop 

This one-day workshop is your chance to create your own bespoke handmade sterling silver bangle. The silver is cut to length after first measuring your wrist to make sure it is an exact fit. The bangle ends are then soldered together to form a perfect circle.

Then a finish of your choice is applied. This could be a hammered effect, a stamped pattern or satin or polished effect. Finally the bangle is polished and you have your own personally designed piece of sterling silver jewellery. 

Please note: each purchase is per person and classes hold a maximum of three people. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Sue O'Mara Art

Sue is a third generation artist, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather. Beginning her journey as a wildlife artist focusing on her own dogs and commissioned works for other pet owners. 

Her studio, based in the beautiful woodlands of East Sussex, has grown in popularity and now offers completely unique introductory art courses. 

Why we love Sue O'Mara Art

Art experiences that you won't find in most studios. This is more than just an afternoon with an accomplished artist, or a chance to create your own piece of work. 

This is mentorship and assistance to create something truly unique and special. Your own ideas, designs and stories imagined with the guidance of a seasoned professional.