James Bond for a Day by Imagine Experiences

Become James Bond for a day - sip Vodka Martinis, master your shooting skills and walk in the footsteps of his creator. £224.10 £249 (Save £24)

The Experience


This half-day experience allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of James Bond. 

Start your day with a light brunch at the Taj Hotel St James equipped with a Martini (Shaken Not Stirred of course) in true Bond style. Then, after an action-packed afternoon, take in the view as a true 007 with a second Martini- you've earned it! Remember Bond always start with a Martini and ends with a Martini, soft drinks & Mocktinis (Mocktails Martinis) available for those who are not into the full Martinis swing! You are going behind the scenes of the world’s most successful movie franchise…and playing the leading role!

This incredible experience makes the dreams of every James Bond fan come true, including a splash of original Floris and his preferred tipple of a Vesper at one of Ian Flemming’s favourite London hotel bars. As you immerse yourself into the cloak and dagger world of espionage, you’ll pick-up some handy counter surveillance skills too. It wouldn’t be a day in the life of Bond without a visit to ‘Q’, so you’ll also have a session booked at our select London gun club for some target practice using the preferred 007 weapons, such as the Walter PPK.

During this exhilarating day you will learn the real stories behind the world of 007, as we take you through the London scenes where Bond was born and immortalised in celluloid. This experience is perfect for adventurers, thrill-seekers and makes a unique gift for fans of James Bond.

Now, listen very carefully 00...

  • Rendezvous at Taj Hotel St James - keep your wits about you 00...you never know who’s watching!
  • Mission Briefing - to be an agent you have to know about the past, so pay attention. 
  • Proceed to Queen Anne’s Gate - pay special attention to M's office!
  • With your team, make your way to St James’s Park
  • Head for the Blue Bridge - but be aware, you may be followed!
  • A deadly and ruthless SMERSH team is on your tail...shake them off!
  • After you ID the bad guys...proceed to Carlton Terrace Gardens...take particular note of the statue of George VI…& to learn about our Traitor King!
  • Rendezvous with a ‘safe’ vehicle - and proceed to your appointment with “Q” where you will learn to shoot & manage your Bond weapon with confidence • See where Ian Lancaster Fleming was born - he’s some writer ‘Johnny’!
  • Take note 00! There’s murder afoot! The Russian secret service has been active here.
  • Smarten up 00! Go to Floris in Jermyn Street and get your sample ...learn the famous 89 scent perfume story whilst you are there!
  • Fun’s over 00 - head down to the river and sees where the enemy - MI5 live
  • Next, it’s home territory...Babylon, VX, The Citadel...the home of MI6 • Mission Debrief. Return to Taj Hotel St. James!
  • Relax 00 - you’ve earned it! Try a Vesper...shaken, not stirred.

Allow us to introduce you to... Imagine Experiences

Imagine Experiences was born in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Created by a group of travel and industry experts, they foresaw that the way people would want to explore and take part in experiences was going to change. They have designed an extensive list of culture-rich and completely safe experiences to enjoy on our own shores. 

Unique, new-to-market and unforgettable - experiences that allow you to bring your imagination to life with like-minded individuals. 

Why we love Imagine Experiences

Imagine Experiences provide unique day trips for people that want to immerse themselves in the surrounding culture. Whether it's literary characters, local artists or tours of the best local bars, they help people experience local culture in a totally new way. 

Designed with safety in mind, it's a chance to enjoy a group setting in a safe and controlled manner, knowing everyone on the tour is there for the same reason as you. Whatever your reason for joining, you're onto a winner. 

This particular experience is clearly designed for the James Bond lovers; however, it's also an interesting way to explore the streets of London. Take in ornate Victorian fountains and quarters, enjoy St James' Courtyard after a lengthy walking tour, explore quads and townhouses and take in the supposed longest Shakespearean sylvan frieze in the world. This experience gives you a chance to explore both the character of Bond and the character of London city.