Houseplants by Brazen Botany

Handmade statement houseplant sculptures that are impossible to kill. £135 £150 (Save £15)

The Experience

Statement sculpture houseplants from London designer Caroline Byrne, handcrafted in the UK and requiring no maintenance. As featured in Liberty London, Stylist, Home & Garden and more. 

In their natural form, these plants are toxic to people and pets, so the botanical sculptures are the perfect colour alternative for your home.

Choose from one of the following:

Pink or Lilac Elephant Ear Plant (£150) 

Colourful arrow-shaped leaves and eye catching veins brighten and add personality to your living space. In its natural form, this plant is toxic to people and pets, so this botanical sculpture is the perfect colour alternative. Inspired by the African Mask (Alocasia) plant.

Coral Princess Plant (£150) 

Coral heart-shaped leaves and variegated markings brighten and add personality to any interior space. The leaves appear painterly with splashes of pink and blue. Inspired by the pink Princess Philodendron.

Large Plum Polka Dot Plant (£150) 

Plum coloured angel wing shaped leaves with unique pale pink spots brighten and add personality to any interior space. Inspired by the Begonia Maculata plant.

Large Pink or Purple Prayer Plant (£185) 

Broad oval-shaped leaves with contrasting, colourful veins to brighten and add personality to any interior space. Inspired by the Maranta Leuconeura. 

Blue Pinstripe Plant (£210) 

Bold navy and blue oval leaves with distinct pink pinstripes and dramatic pink undersides brighten and add personality to any interior space. Inspired by the Calathea Orbifolia plant. 


All come with an assortment of leave sizes. These products are handmade, and so there may be slight alterations to the images shown. 

Each plant comes with gravel and a handmade paper pot included, meaning they can be immediately displayed; however, they will also happily live in any pot you choose.

Allow us to introduce you to... Brazen Botany

Founded by Irish designer Caroline Byrne during the 2020 lockdown, Brazen Botany is her labour of love. She brings the vibrance and atmosphere that she would usually save for the ad campaigns and window displays of luxury brands in her daily job into her passion project. 

Inspired by her failings in plant parenting, Caroline decided she wanted to recreate the effects of having gorgeous tropical and Saharan plantlife in her home without the risks and difficulties of managing their habitat. Thus, Brazen Botany was born. 


Why we love Brazen Botany

The aim of Brazen Botany is to build something everlasting for the home. Caroline Byrne put her skills, passion and artistic license to good use to create the possibility of the magic of a tropical jungle inside each home. Mixing different colours and textures to go beyond what exists in nature, she has managed to build a business around these statement art houseplants. 

Brazen Botany only uses high quality materials to create their pieces. Think of them as more of a small installation or art piece as opposed to just a false plant. 

The vibrant colours and otherworldly design concepts make them a signature piece that will have houseguests taking notice. Bringing a touch of colour to any room they're placed in, these are perfect for those that want to have a natural feeling home without the stress of tropical plant care.