Home Design Experiences by DUO-HUE

Vouchers and consultation experiences from Amelia Ayerst. £115 £165 (Save £50)

The Experience

Choose from handcrafted and designed cushions, artwork or both from DUO-HUE by Amelia Ayerst. 

Bespoke Cushion

A voucher spend for a luxury cushion designed and crafted for modern homes. Choose from a wide range of patterns and sizes with a premium feather filling. 

Size options include: 

Scatter Cushion (16"x16")

Larger Cushion (24" X 24")

Bolster (21" X 7")


Bespoke Artwork

Limited edition individual floating framed textile artwork using the signature stitch from DUO-HUE. A wide range of colours and patterns are available. 

Artwork size is 475mm x 475mm x 35mm.



Consultation meeting with artist Amelia Ayerst to discuss a room within your home. This meeting is to determine colours and patterns for a bespoke artwork, as well as to discuss colour threads and base fabric for your own unique embroidery. 

This fee covers a colour consultancy and one free artwork (475mm x 475mm x 35mm) in bespoke colours. 

If you would like more artworks or cushions after the meeting, a further deal can be discussed.

Customer will get a meeting with Amelia to discuss the clients room. From here, they will discuss colours and patterns for a bespoke artwork. Fee is for a colour consultancy plus one free artwork 475mm x 475mm x 35mm. If client wants more artworks or cushions, then a new deal can be discussed.Bespoke colours, as discussed in colour consultancy. We also will discuss colour threads, pattern and base fabric for the embroidery.

Allow us to introduce you to... DUO-HUE

DUO-HUE make bespoke digital embroider products for the luxury home and lifestyle. Embroidered in Bristol, DUO-HUE adopts an innovative stitch that uses differing stitch densities and directions to create a unique pattern, stitch and overall design. 

Founded by Amelia Ayerst, who serves as Creative Director and produces the fabulous pieces, DUO-HUE applies their signature stitch on all home products including the artworks and cushions, as well as fashion pieces. 

Why we love DUO-HUE

Founded and run by Amelia Ayerst, DUO-HUE is truly bespoke. Offering customers the opportunity to create their own pattern based on the DUO-HUE signature style, or allowing the chance to purchase limited edition cushions and artworks that are unlikely to be found elsewhere. It's a chance to put a unique spin on your sitting room, bedroom or a favourite area of the home. 

Designed for chic homeowners, the patterns offer a modernised traditionalism that will fit into any home decor. Additionally, if you're wanting something that is created for your home only, you can arrange a one-to-one consultation with the designer herself to impart your own style and preference. 

Amelia Ayerst is a CMF designer (colour, materials and finish), therefore she is well-equipped to offer consultations with clients and create bespoke embroidery, artwork and cushions to match. The business was developed by Amelia during her time at the Royal College of Art (RCA), and she has been featured in publications such as Elle, Home and Garden and The English Home, as well as working with Dyson on their recent automotive project.