Handmade Ceramics by Glaze Me Pretty

Voucher spend on handmade ceramics. £85 £100 (Save £15)

The Experience

Get a £100 voucher to spend across the entire Glaze Me Pretty collection. Choose from different products, or browse by a particular glaze collection and find matching pieces for different areas of the home. 

Featuring a wide range of household goods, all handcrafted and made in the UK. 

For those that like their fragrances elegantly designed there are candlestick holders, oil burners, vases and planters. 

Fans of the traditional ceramics can find bowls, mugs dishes and coasters. 

While the store also offers wall decorations to brighten the home. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Glaze Me Pretty

Glaze Me Pretty is the brainchild of ceramicist Raquel Acosta. She creates one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces from her garden studio in South West London.

Raquel's background began in the world of pot-making, before expanding her horizons to incorporate more glazes. Glaze Me Pretty was born from a passion for glazes, specialising in delicate crystalline glazes that create a different pattern of crystals on each piece.

Why we love Glaze Me Pretty

Glaze Me Pretty is a one-person operation, meaning you can track and source where and how your products came to life, from the design through to the physical creation and the glaze. It's a way to support a local artist and independent business owner while also enjoying some unique, handcrafted ceramics. 

While these are unique designs and pieces, they are not individual one-off creations, meaning you can opt for a mix and match aesthetic or find a matching set for your home. Raquel works with the same glazes across her entire collection, meaning you can find a beautiful design in a colour scheme that matches your home. 

Bring some joy to your morning routine with matching mugs, travel cups and coasters. Discover the range of vases, oil burners and sculptural candlesticks. Dreamy colours full of detail to bring the joy of handmade pottery to your home.