Natural Skincare Sets by Raven Botanicals

Luxurious natural skincare bundles for all skin types. £40 £50 (Save £10)

The Experience

Choose between these kind-to-skin bundles from Raven Botanicals and find the perfect combination of soothing and refreshing products for you.

Gold Goddess Ritual Gift Set

Raven Botanicals’ stunning Gold Goddess Ritual Gift Set is a sensational seasonal indulgence to reset, balance and nourish the complexion.

Suitable for all skin types.

Contains: 1 x 100ml 24 Carat Cleanser, 1 x Solstice Facial Oil, 1 x Skin Saviour Night Balm, 1 x Golden Hour Botanical Mask plus accessories in a gift-wrapped presentation box.

The Capsule Collection

The Capsule Collection from Raven Botanicals is composed of a carefully curated selection of skincare products that are suitable for every skin type. 

Choose between three different kind-to-skin collections:

Nourish & Balance: 1 x 50ml 24 Carat Cleanser, 1 x Skin Saviour Facial Oil, 1 x Green Goddess Botanical Clay Mask plus accessories.

Soothe & Clarify: 1 x 50ml 24 Carat Cleanser, 1 x Rescue Serum, 1 x Golden Hour Botanical Clay Mask plus accessories.

Renew & Replenish: 1 x 50ml 24 Carat Cleanser, 1 x Solstice Facial Oil, 1 x Eventide Botanical Clay Mask plus accessories.


Allow us to introduce you to... Raven Botanicals

Raven Botanicals is a luxurious natural skincare range that draws on a deep well of ancient knowledge, sources ingredients from ancient Scottish land and coastline and is always ethically sourced. 

Founded by sisters Arabella and Charlotte, the inspiration from their products comes from their carefree childhoods spent on the banks of the river Tweed in the scenic Scottish Borders. Now they work together to use this inspiration, coupled with the encyclopaedic knowledge of plantlife passed down by their mother, to create unforgettable skincare experiences. 

Why we love Raven Botanicals

This family business launched officially in 2020, making it a business with the unenviable task of launching during the pandemic. In the time since it has soared to new heights and they have won new customers from across the country. 

Following the passing of their mother, these sisters decided to put everything she had taught them about plants to good use. In addition, Charlotte's background in botany and Arabella's artistic flair gives them both an insightful and unique spin to play on the product range. 

This seasonal collection makes for a perfect and guilt-free twist on the traditional festive skincare set. Always cruelty free, sustainably sourced and packaged in recyclable and refillable materials. It's not just soothing on the skin, but good for the planet.