Beautiful Sleep Bundles by Kiss the Moon

Night-time bundles and restful sleep aides to leave you feeling rested and beautiful. £80 £100 (Save £20)

The Experience

Two of Kiss the Moon's best-selling bundles are available to Mór Card members. These bundles are designed to leave you feeling calm, comforted and peaceful before bed. The perfect addition to your night-time routine. 

Kiss the Moon creates four unique blends designed to help you sleep, each with their own special ingredients: 

LOVE - to rejuvenate with Rose & Frankincense.

GLOW - to revive with Orange & Geranium.

CALM -  to rebalance with Jasmine & Sandalwood.

DREAM - to soothe with Lavender & Bergamot.


The Bundles

The Ultimate 'Bath Before Bed' Bundle includes:

  • LOVE Bedtime Bath Salts (400g) 
  • CALM Travel Size Bedtime Bath Salts
  • DREAM Night-Time Bath and Shower Oil 
  • GLOW Aromatherapy Soy Candle 
  • GLOW Pure Aromatherapy Oil Soap 

Everything You Need to Sleep Beautifully Bundle includes: 

  • GLOW Night-Time Body Cream (200ml) 
  • DREAM After Dark Pillow Mist 
  • CALM Sleep Balm (12ml) 
  • LOVE Pure Essential Oil Soap
  • LIBERTY Print Sleep Mask

Allow us to introduce you to... Kiss the Moon

Founded in the quaint countryside of Yorkshire by Jo Foster, Kiss the Moon was a concept born out of a passion to help people achieve a peaceful and beautiful sleep. 

Kiss the Moon products are 100% natural and designed to provide natural night-time aromatherapy that helps you sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed and gorgeous. 

Why we love Kiss the Moon

Sleep is one of the most important parts of human existence. It helps clear our minds, sustain us and restore us for the next day ahead. In the same way that we all relish luxury food and drink, we can also achieve a luxurious sleep that nourishes us more than the every day. 

Kiss the Moon products are designed to help you achieve your best version of sleep, both through the physical feel of their oils and balms and the relaxing scents they produce. Whether you like to feel relaxed with a long soak before bed, or you want something for your bedtime routine, they have you covered. 

Always cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Give Kiss the Moon bundles as a gift, or make a date for yourself and experience a truly relaxing night.