Free Consultation and Discounted Executive Coaching by Head Honchos Consulting Ltd

A complimentary 30-minutes consultation along with 10% off executive coaching sessions.
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The Experience

Head Honchos Executive Coaching is offering a 30-minute consultation, completely free of charge, in addition to 10% off their executive coaching services.

This coaching-on-demand service allows you to use the sessions on an “as and when you need it” basis. The one-off sessions are short, focused, and powerful. Issues that are pressing or stressful can negatively impact your thinking and, in turn, your happiness and performance. Stress can also reduce your ability to function optimally and impact your mental wellbeing.

These sessions are designed to free up mental space, leaving you free to focus on what needs to be done. They are also intended to reduce stress and improve your performance and management style.

The goals of this coaching experience include:

  • Improving executive presence and impact
  • Building upon interpersonal communications including managing difficult conversations, dealing with conflict, and speaking up in meetings
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • Breaking down self-limiting beliefs
  • Building resilience
  • Developing tools for conflict resolution
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing emotional intelligence
  • Improving workplace relationships
  • Developing new skills and strategies
  • Gaining a psychological and neurobiological understanding of what makes you and others perform optimally

Whatever you’re encountering, Head Honchos Executive Coaching will help you get back to the best you can be. 

Allow us to introduce you to Head Honchos Consulting Ltd

Founder of Head Honchos Executive Coaching Desiree Silverstone began her career in marketing and advertising before becoming a psychotherapist and ultimately transitioning to an executive coach. Having worked as a psychotherapist for many years, she gained a deep insight into people’s behaviour and underlying psychology which she uses to inform her practice in the corporate environment as a very successful coach.

Her passion is to help others grow and overcome any obstacles they encounter in life be it at work or home. She is dedicated to helping empower people to positively move forward by helping them understand human psychology and neurobiology/neuroscience so that they can make informed decisions in the future. Using her creative and pragmatic thinking she offers suggestions that can be helpful.

Over the years, Desiree has become qualified in a range of consulting specialties. She holds a certificate in Leadership and Management from the Workplace Coach Institute, is certified by the International Coach Federation, and has a Certificate in Applied Neuroscience. As an eternal student, she loves adding to her medley of qualifications.

Why we love Head Honchos Consulting Ltd

Head Honchos Executive Coaching takes an interpersonal approach to coaching and consulting – one of the many reasons we believe in their process.

Desiree’s consulting style is all about building trust and connection with her clients. She is passionate about enabling and inspiring each person to reach their true potential and thrive both in and out of the workplace.

She has worked successfully with a variety of clients, from CEOs to people just starting their careers in Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture, NHS, Tata, Comcast, Mercedes Benz, Zoetis, and many others. She prides herself in her ability to work holistically to help people make real positive change and achieve a great work-life balance.