Flower & Succulent Arranging Workshops by Ferris Heart Sloane

Online flower arranging workshops. £50 £55 (Save £5)

The Experience

With well-known clients like Ralph Lauren, YouTube & Google; Ferris Heart Sloane takes their expertise and transforms it into unique online workshops for individuals & groups. 

Herb Garden Workshop

This trendsetting workshop enables you to learn the steps of making a herb garden for your home or even workspace. Improve and gain knowledge on growing your own herbs and create an overview of the different herbs that you can be grown in unique urban places like windowsills, balconies, small gardens etc. At the end of the workshop, you'll walk home with a mini garden eutopia that you can brighten up your home or friends homes. Suitable for all levels and spaces.

Terrarium Workshop

Begin your journey into the wilds and create your very own mini-jungle paradise. Create 'mini tabletop gardens' and spruce up any room or workplace! Terrariums are beautiful creations that make wonderful and impressive gifts. In addition to them being enjoyable to make they are easy to care for and simple yet sophisticated, making them great gifts. Using homegrown, locally sourced and high-quality materials to make your Terrarium. Get ready to rest out those green fingers. 

Floral Hoop Workshop

Ferris Heart Sloane shows you the simplest ways to create your very own handmade floral hoop. Created with seasoned and budding florists in mind, this workshop is great for people wanting to sharpen their knowledge and create something new. The possibilities are endless. Floral hoops make the perfect centrepiece on a table for a dinner party or on a door during summer celebrations. Whatever you choose, you'll walk away with a unique craft you can treasure. Using both luxury artificial and fresh flowers this workshop is for any level and all weathers. 

Allow us to Introduce you to... Ferris Heart Sloane

Established in 2014, creating incredible flower displays for weddings, hospitality & corporate; Ferris Heart Sloane is no stranger to creativity and beauty. With the driving force of highly successful corporate & social media marketing founder Natasha, they have shaken up the flower-arranging world. 

Their reputation for innovation & artistic concepts was quickly established, enabling them to work with major brands like YouTube, bareMinerals, Ralph Lauren and more. 

Why we love Ferris Heart Sloane

As well as being established and highly regarded by their clients, Ferris Heart Sloane is at the forefront of providing high-class workshops for people or groups interested in flower arranging. With classes included Kokedama, Succulent Wreaths, Terrarium building and Flower Crown classes, they have a little something for everyone.

With classes available in person for individuals or for larger groups as well as online classes that can be taken in the comfort of your own home, Ferris Heart Sloane will definitely put a good start to your blooming lovely day!