Floatation Tank + Binaural Meditation Bundle by Float Hub

Three 60-minute floatation tank sessions, plus a binaural meditation as part of an exclusive bundle. £150 £210 (Save £60)

The Experience

This experience gets you Three x 60-minute Float experiences, plus a Binaural Meditation session with Float Hub in their London base. 

With more than 525kg of high-quality Epsom salt, you will float effortlessly in the waters of their spacious float pods for 60 minutes with no light, sound, or external pressures to refresh your mind and restore your health to new levels.

Allow us to introduce you to... Float Hub

Float Hub are specialists in floatation tank technology, using it to cure and assist with various ailments. Float therapy provides an experience unlike any other. It can bring immediate and long-term benefits for your mind, body and lifestyle.

Float Hub are open-minded and believers in the power of good that can come from alternative medicines and practices. Floatation tanks have proven to be positive for many: from destressing and relaxation to pain relief and comfort during pregnancy. This is an experience you are unlikely to forget which may yield long-term results you have been looking for.

Why we love Float Hub

Based in Shoreditch, London, Float Hub offers a unique and alternative experience which many find fits exactly what they have been missing. Float Hub was created after the founder struggled with sleep apnoea and insomnia. He has poured his heart and soul into the business, as well as partnering with sleep coaches to create programmes incorporating floatation technologies.