Personalised Complexion Collection by DCYPHER

£55 £78 (Save £23)

The Experience

This exclusive collection includes your very own custom made foundation, pigment drops made just for your unique skin tone and a professional complexion brush set.

Every DCYPHER custom foundation and drops are made to order just for you, matched to your unique skin tone and type and with your choice of coverage and finish.

Non-greasy, vegan, cruelty-free and free of parabens, this is your guilt free foundation fix.

DCYPHER always send an initial custom sample of foundation to try which you can then tweak to your liking before they create your full-sized products. That way they ensure that every product they send out will be loved.

Allow us to introduce you to... DCYPHER

DCYPHER is a brand that is tired of the pitfalls of the traditional foundation market. With thousands of bottles spanning a 40-strong share range, it's frustrating that so many still can't find one that's perfect for them. DCYPHER want to stop people from settling on a shade that simply comes close. 

This is foundation personalisation taken to the highest level with custom-blend foundations that perfectly match the beauty of your skin, without compromise. 

Founders Adam and Claire, a biochemist and consumer scientist duo, have years of experience in the beauty world with careers spent working for some of the big-name brands in the industry. Pooling their expert knowledge and utilising world-first technology, we’re ready to bring custom beauty to the masses, one foundation at a time.

Why we love DCYPHER

This world-first technology enables customers to build a totally bespoke foundation formula that matches their shade, but also has the coverage, moisture level, texture and finish exactly how they like it. 

There's nothing off-the-shelf about DCYPHER. Each formula is made from scratch meaning every foundation that leaves their lab is completely unique and personalised to you. No templates, shortcuts or compromises. 

These foundations are also Paraben and Sulphate free, meaning that they don't only look and feel perfect, but you can guarantee they are not filled with some of the nasty chemicals you can find in off-the-shelf alternatives.