Bespoke Portrait Painting by Emma Kenny

Hand-drawn, bespoke portraits based on your family members or your favourite movie characters. £200 £250 (Save £50)

The Experience

Purchase a hand-drawn portrait of a loved one, character or celebrity. Choose from a Small (8" to 15" longest side) or Medium (16" to 23" longest side) portrait, with multiple framing options.   

Art which is curated and chosen by you, created in exquisite detail by a professional. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Emma Kenny

Whether it's a musical icon, a beloved family member or your favourite movie character; a one-of-a-kind portrait can make the perfect addition to your home. Emma Kenny will work with you towards your own commissioned painting, with your choice of subject, size and style.

Hand-painted recreations based on images provided by you. Available in small and medium prints. 

Why we love Emma Kenny

We are all about unique experiences, whether for yourself or a loved one. This is an opportunity to commission your own artwork for your home, to celebrate your favourite artist or to commemorate a loved one.

Whatever the reason our members may have for commissioning their own piece, they can rest assured that the work will be carried out by a truly talented artist herself.

We love providing our members with experiences they might not find naturally and, in doing so, amplifying the voices of smaller businesses. This one-woman enterprise fits our ideals perfectly for this reason.